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Softvision Desktop Standup - April 24th, 2013

Dial-in Information

When Wednesdays @ 9am Pacific Time
Telephone 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf#99779 (US/INTL)
1-800-707-2533 Pin:369 Conf#99779 (Toll free)
Video QA-Desktop (Vidyo)
Agenda etherpad
Previous Meeting April 17, 2013


  • Mihaela Velimiroviciu - sick leave - April 23rd, 24th

Upcoming Schedule

  • Firefox 21 beta 4 release - Thursday, April 25th
  • Firefox 21 beta 4 testday - Friday, April 26th [etherpad]

Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] Anthony to advise RelMan about SV PTO (need more time with 21b4/5)
  • [DONE] Does QMO have options to broadcast to Facebook and Twitter? Ioana to investigate.
  • [MISSED] Anthony to investigate QMO Syndicate category permissions
  • [CARRY OVER] Juan to pick Asa's brain regarding getting new features on the radar
  • [CARRY OVER] Juan to talk to user research group

Discussion Items

  • [Anthony] Did we want to start using a full hour for this meeting and incorporate triage? QAWANTED, UNCONFIRMED, etc

Notes and Actions

  • Anthony to speak with Juan about getting a heads up on feature work
    • looking at bugzilla and mercurial for landings is part of it but is "too late"; we should know before landing so we already have a plan in place
    • having a regular meeting (every 6 weeks around Beta 4?) with Asa et al. would increase visibility of priorities and whats not tracked officially
    • Juan: +1, I will speak to Asa about this today
  • Anthony to speak with Juan about incorporating triage into the end of these meetings (QAWANTED > FIXED > UNCONFIRMED)
    • SV already does weekly triage of UNCONFIRMED in the Untriaged module and the modules they watch
    • Juan: +1, lets try it next meeting and break it out if it's successful