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Softvision Desktop Standup - June 5th, 2013

Dial-in Information

  • Wednesdays, 9am Pacific Time
  • Telephone:



  • June 24th Holiday in Romania; Also during weekend of June 22-23 Softvision teams will join a Company event.
  • June 14th - Otilia in PTO (there shouldn't be any impact, but please contact Mihai Constandis in case of emergencies; also Mihaela for project/task aspects)

Upcoming Schedule

  • Firefox 22 beta 4 release - Thursday, June 6th
    • builds did not show up today so if we need to ship it on Thursday we might not be able to verify all requested bugs
    • also Ioana is on PTO so please assign her security bugs to someone else from the team
    • cannot access bugs 876044, 876080 from Juan's email - are these the bugs where Ioana was CCed? - Yes
  • Firefox 22 beta 4 testday
    • please help and assign as moderators for the 9-17 time range (US time zone)

Previous Action Items

  • Not done - Come up with two queries, high and low priority. One could be QAWANTED list, and the other could be FIXED bugs that need special attention for verification(?)
  • Otilia to migrate internal feature tracking doc to a wiki page
    • Done -; do we need another level of detail? I have also added Owner and Peers secios as there are features owned by Mozilla where we are also helping (e.g Australis, Metro)
      • Looks good, I can take care of updating the Mozilla-specific pieces
  • Juan send SV a spec for an NVidia 3D Vision setup

Discussion Items

  • [otilia] NVidia 3D vision technology - Otilia sent out an email specifying he fact that there are 4 working stations at SoftVision which would be ok in terms of requirements. Are there any other details to be provided?

Notes and Actions

  • June 24th holiday may impact conditional sign-off. How do we deal with that?
    • [juanb] Teams need to be notified via email, and prepared to take action that weekend.
  • [juanb] - done - CC Mihaela on two sec bugs for verification.
  • [juanb] Check back with Marc regarding 3d equipment. Sending vs. expensing it.