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Softvision Desktop Standup - July 31, 2013

Dial-in Information

  • Wednesdays, 9am Pacific Time
  • Telephone:



  • Upcoming PTOs
    • Otilia Anica: 8-12 August
    • Paul Silaghi: 12-16 August
    • Mihai Morar: 12-23 August
  • National holiday in Romania - All SV team: August 15th

Upcoming Schedule

  • Release Firefox 23 and 17.0.8ESR - August 6th

Previous Action Items

  • Anthony - look at existing regression tests for Betas and decrease frequency of tests which are less valuable
  • Anthony - Add a post-mortem item to review testing for what's valuable or not (ie. has it found regressions lately)
  • Anthony - come back with a proposal for incorporating good-first-bugs into verifications and involving contributors in feature testing outside of testdays (tie to Q3 goals)
  • [juanb] Bring up discussion item next week regarding how to approach testing of stale areas. If there is no change in code, should we test?
  • [juanb] Space in this meeting to talk about blocking issues in other branches?

Discussion Items

  • Features
    • We need status updates for the features here:
      • Emails were sent for each feature, but very few were answered. Please see if you can get more information here.
    • Are there any Firefox 24 and 25 features lists available anywhere?
  • How will we handle Mihaela's PTO?

Notes and Actions

  • [ioana] Email on Mihaela's PTO situation handling.
  • Add to the qa-contribute list and remove
  • Get status updates for the features here: from Asa.
  • Get a list of features for Firefox 24 and 25 from Asa.