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Softvision Desktop Standup - October 23rd, 2013

Dial-in Information


  • Petruta Rasa will be on PTO tomorrow, October 24th, due to some urgent personal matters

Upcoming Schedule

  • 25b11 going live today
  • 25rc2, 17.0.10esr, 24.1esr testing to begin tomorrow, go live on Tuesday

Previous Action Items

  • Get together with mobile team to discuss what should define criteria for uplift
    • Go over this during desktop team meeting
  • Mentoring: qa-contact field, sending out information to mailing lists, test plan information, and bug email prepferences. Overcommunicate.
    • [done] Anthony to revise wiki doc -- needs to be cross-posted to GetInvolved wiki and team page
  • [done] Firefox 27 features - [juanb] Bring this up with Alex and Asa today or during channel meeting
    • "feature" flag addition
  • Tracy create an initial plan of action for Shumway testing on Nightly
    • TBD
  • Anthony to ramp up Paul Silaghi with Nightly testing, including Shumway once Tracy has action plan in place -- in progress, to continue after the release
  • Triage list of bugs in Firefox weekly meetings for stuff that is coming up, re: nightly features
    • [done] Anthony to propose adding a section in Firefox meeting so devs have a chance to highlight features they consider need our intervention.
  • [done] Ioana to send Cameron list of MozTrap issues

Discussion Items

  • Feature sign-offs - they might not get done in time, considering the late-arrivals.

Notes and Actions

  • Marc to send out link with etherpad for next Thursday's meeting with Alex re: new train model/criteria for uplift
  • Anthony to update GetInvolved wiki page and QMO team page with mentoring info
  • Mark (or highlight) bugs that could be considered features. Before next week. By branch.