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Desktop QA Standup - April 9th, 2014

READ ONLY THIS WEEK - please fill in status. bring up any pressing discussion points in irc.

Dial-in Information



  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Liz - PyCon next week Apr 8-15
    • Alexandra - Sick Leave - Apr 8-29
    • Andrei - PTO - Apr 14-18
    • Mihaela - Sick Leave - Apr 9

Upcoming Schedule

Previous Action Items

  • [juanb] Added Florin to email lists I have admin access too, r-d, desktopqa, QMO (editor); and sent email to Marcia for qa-contribute.
  • [mschifer] review KaiRo's dev-quality post
  • [mschifer] to follow up with Platform/Automation re: WebGL automation coverage (so we can catch issues like bug 975824 more easily). WebGL test suties available, not kept up/disabled, Marc to talk to them about how we can help them.
  • [Matt] Safe browsing: investigate history of feature, what goes into Fx29, what is in test suite, how to cover in test day
  • [Kairo] Send out a summary to dev-quality and dev-planning and elicit discussion about keywords and qa whiteboard tags.
    • delayed due to needing to redraft the messages (one on bugzilla, one on process) and losing a lot of energy in current happenings at Mozilla - hope to manage to get this done until next week.
  • Fixed bugs triage process, keywords vs tags etc - progress?

Discussion Items

Channel Status

Beta (Fx 29)

Aurora (Fx 30)

Nightly (Fx 31)

ESR (Fx 24.4)




  • 29 beta regressions are being worked on, crash rates should go down
  • ADI issues over the weekend made it hard to deal with anything involving crash rates.


Notes and Actions