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The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a general test plan for verifying that the Speak the Article (TTS in Reader Mode) feature works as expected.


The testing will be focus on

  • testing Narration on several pages in Reader Mode
  • testing that the "media.webspeech.synth.enabled" pref is set to true by default on Nightly 48 and false on Aurora 47.

Testing will be performed manually, by QA Release team.


Developer contacts: Eitan Isaacson
QA: Camelia Badau

Testing Summary

Scope of testing

In Scope

The main testing scope is to assure that the Speak the Article (TTS in Reader Mode) works correct.

Requirements for testing


Testing will be performed on following OSes (both x86 & x64 infrastructures):

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu 13.10
  • Ubuntu 16.04

Testing on specific devices is not needed.


Test Strategy

Test Objectives

Following table contains main features to be tested:

Ref Function Test Objective Evaluation Criteria
1 basic scenarios TBD

Test Types

Type of Testing Required (Yes/No) Owners Details/Comments
Manual Yes Moz QA Rel team
Automation No
Performance No
Security No
Usability No
Metrics/Telemetry TBD


This section should contain links for builds with the feature

Nightly builds can be found at link

Aurora builds can be found at link

Test Execution Schedule

The following table identifies the anticipated testing period available for test execution.

Project phase Start Date End Date
Start project
Study documentation/specs received from developers -
QA - Test plan creation
QA - Test cases/Env preparation
QA - Nightly Testing
QA - Aurora Testing
QA - Beta Testing
Release Date

Testing Tools

Detail the tools to be used for testing, for example see the following table:

Process Tool
Test plan creation Mozilla wiki
Test case creation Google docs
Test case execution Google docs
Bugs management Bugzilla



[LANDED] Nightly 48.0a1: first landed on - 2016-03-08

Risk analysis

- No Risks found at the moment


Meta: Bug 1166365

Test cases


  • Tested that speech synthesis correctly works on several pages in Reader Mode
  • Verified the "media.webspeech.synth.enabled" pref

Test suites

Full Test Suite - can be reached here

Bugs Work

Tracking bug: Meta bug 1166365 - Speak the article (speech synthesis in reader mode)

Bug fix verification
Bug No Summary Status Firefox Version
1254526 Narrate stops when it gets to a figure inside the article VERIFIED FIXED Firefox 48
1254234 The speed slider in narrate could be more useful RESOLVED FIXED Firefox 48
1254738 Speech dispatcher rate conversion is wildly inaccurate VERIFIED FIXED Firefox 48
1254232 Narrate reads the period at the end of a paragraph, and spells out the next word VERIFIED FIXED Firefox 48
1262006 Speech synthesis: Tooltip for Play button is 'Stop' and for Stop button 'Start VERIFIED FIXED Firefox 48
1257953 Modelessify the narrate popup VERIFIED FIXED
1268633 Enable synth API outside of desktop Nightly RESOLVED FIXED Firefox 49
1260612 Run away Speech Synthesizer can speak for ever VERIFIED FIXED Firefox 48
1255261 [Narrate] Don't skip to next section by stop and start VERIFIED FIXED Firefox 49
1258190 [Narrate] Firefox is pronounced as fear-a-fox in German RESOLVED WONTFIX
1255280 [Narrate] narrate-control obstructs a page while using narration RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1255274 [Narrate] Start and Stop titles are swapped after start narrate RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1270110 [Linux] Speech synthesis: The narration can't be started anymore after you click any button from Narrate panel RESOLVED FIXED Firefox 49
1298436 Narrate sometimes repeats the last paragraph over and over again RESOLVED FIXED Firefox 51
1269221 Crash attempting to speak an article in reader mode [@ SpeechTaskCallback::OnWillSpeakWord ] RESOLVED FIXED Firefox 49
New bugs

1254262 - Reader mode "Narrate" feature does not obey tab-mute
1255255 - [Narrate] voice-select is not toggle
1255733 - [Narrate] narrate-control is closed automatically if cannot narrate in the last scrolled page
1268597 - Disable the screensaver when Narrate is running
1262738 - Narrate selected text button/icon/context menu item
1285226 - [Linux] [Narrate] The English (en-GB) voice appears four times in the list
1290442 - [Mac][Narrate] The tab sound indicator doesn't work properly for the voices introduced since Mac OS X 10.10
1291674 - The page is auto-scrolled to the narrated paragraph while scrolling through the article
1294961 - Firefox narrator button - Inconsistent BACK Button behaviour
1279842 - Firefox is reading the ' character as "and number 39" on Reader Mode
1294761 - Reader Mode Narrate - insert pauses between paragraphs
1266714 - In reader view "Back" button in "Narrate" playback control does not seek back to URL of the website

Sign off


  • All test cases should be executed
  • All blockers, criticals must be fixed and verified or have an agreed-upon timeline for being fixed (as determined by engineering/RelMan/QA)


Pre-Aurora Sign-off (2016-06-13)

    • Manual testing covered Windows 7 x64, Windows 10 x64, Ubuntu 13.10 x32 and Mac OS X 10.9.5.
    • There were 1 known major issue: bug 1270110
    • Conditional Sign-Off

Mid-Aurora Sign-off (2016-07-07)

    • Manual testing covered Windows 7 x64, Windows 10 x64, Ubuntu 13.10 x86, Ubuntu 14.04 x86 and Mac OS X 10.9.5.
    • There were 1 known major issue: bug 1270110
    • 1 new logged issue: bug 1285226
    • Conditional Sign-Off

Pre-Beta Sign-off (2016-07-29)

    • Manual testing covered Windows 7 x64, Windows 10 x32, Ubuntu 13.10 x86, Ubuntu 14.04 x86 and Mac OS X 10.11.
    • There were 1 known major issue: bug 1270110 - it is fixed on Nightly 50, but needs uplift
    • 1 new logged issue: bug 1290442
    • Conditional Sign-Off


  • TBD