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Wed October 16, 2013

# Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
# Vidyo:
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

   QA Show and Tell
   This week:
   Next week:
   New Hires & Interviews 

   Upcoming Events/Conferences 
   mwobensmith @ MozFest October 25-27
   aaronmt @ FSOSS Oct 25th
   jammink giving NoBackend talk @QConSF, November 11


Travel / PTO

   [mbrandt] - getting close to baby launch
   [marcia] Likely PTO Oct 21
   [nhirata] November 13-14 Tribes
   [tony]: PTO 10/14-10/18 disneyworld
   [geo]: PTO 10/18
   [pdehaan] in SF for HTML5DevConf Oct 22-23
   [jsmith] PTO 10/25
   [mwobensmith] MozFest plus remote 10/23-10/30
   [ashughes] Upcoming PTO: Nov 16-30, 2013

QA Team Updates

Desktop (Juan)

   Beta (ashughes)
   Firefox 25.0b8 shipped today, 25.0b9 ships on Friday
   Testing 10.9 on Mac - several bugs identified in GM[10.9]&list_id=8271404 ?
   [juanb] Has been running 10.9 on two machines without problems. One Retina display.

   ESR (mwobensmith) 

   Stability (marcia) 
   Top Crash on the Firefox trunk was identified and quickly fixed:
   Platform meeting notes are empty for the Stability Report this week - Read only meeting.

   Automation (ashughes)

   Security (mwobensmith)
   Shumway review


Mobile (Tony)

   Firefox for Android (Kevin/Aaron) 
   Firefox 25.0b8 shipped
   overhaul of favicon parsing in nightly
   Stability (kbrosnan) 
   B2G (Geo/jhammink) 
   Stability (nhirata)
   More updated :
   OEM Builds
   [nhirata] US_20130930_QC226 is the latest TCL build
   [nhirata] 10d is the latest Leo build
   [nhirata] there's an issue with a newer build for helix; 9/24 is the latest working build so far
   [jsmith] Actively working on expanding test data & exploratory testing around SIM customizations for 1.2
   [jammink] burirun2 complete (qanalysts part 100%)
   blocked on TEF's part (SIM Toolkit, Cost Control) as they could not get partner base build
   [jammink] phlashing crazy lots of phones
   need to cross-train IT
   how to unbrick buris
   how to flash helix devices
   [jammink] some co-ordinating with QAnalysts (schedules and process)
   [jammink] testcases for SIM Customizations; ramping up on building for it soon
   [jammink] testrun email script
   email part ready
   moztrap data extraction part 75% done
   Bugzilla data extraction part TBD
   [geo] Platform
   [geo] ton of movement around CRB platform requirements/test criteria. Compatibility Test Suite likely to undergo expansion and changes in near term.
   [mwargers] Mochitest work:
   poc patch working for bug 871323 (Fix and enable offline cache  mochitests for B2G), working on cleaning it up for something   submittable.
   bug 901343 (tests that use createSystemXHR are failing on b2g mochitest) checked in
   [dclarke] signed packaged apps install tests submitted for review
   [geo] Some concerns raised by A-Team about stopping nightly builds for branches (b2g18) on which we still need automation. RelMan has now clarified which branches will still have new branches/builds cut from them, and we'll likely be reenabling the daily builds (and thus TBPL automation) on those branches.
   Community Members Onboarding

Services (Edwin)

   train-2013.09.25 being worked on
   shipped a new yahoo bridge to fix a regression due to a prior, overrestrictive security fix that prevent some yahoo users from being authenticated.

   Working with various VIPs to get a clear understanding of the Dev and Release schedule for FxA (Firefox Accounts) especially as it aligns with FFos 1.3.
   FirstTimeUnboxing - dev hack week in Madrid
   FxA work is moving forward within 3 Dev teams: desktop client, android client, FFos (for SITB and Marketplace)
   Sync work is (temporarily) (yet not officially) on hold while Dev teams focus on the auth work above.
   Load testing work is moving along for the 3 stacks that currently define Firefox Accounts.
   Heka v0.4 will go public very soon (looking for release date at the moment)
   Campaign Manager was deployed (whitelist users now)
   Push Notifications v1.0 - bugs logged, community test app being worked on
   New Stuff
   Presence for socialAPI/talkilla/marketplace apps?
   add-on registration - helping load test

Web (Stephen)

   B2G/Gaia testing: 
    Lots of good progress this week!
   passing master runs on: Inari, Unagi, and more importantly Hamachi!
   Hamachi is proving to be quite reliable particularly on the RIL,  a positive step for on-device testing  (thanks Stephen and Raymond)
   Sending daily reports on the nightly build to qa-b2g before 9am PST is working well, although no massive regressions just yet to challenge us fortunately/unfortunately (cross out where appropriate). It feels good to have this added communication between the teams. 
   Jsmith has been helping us get good traction on bugs we find in automation jsmith++
   New test drive, expecting to add about 10 new test cases in the next fortnight, a split between community written and staff written (staff where device is needed)
    Updated tests to reflect changes to CDN list
   Firefox Marketplace 
    Weekly release [1] went live on 10/15 
    shipped Firefox OS CTA for Germany

    No updates this week

   working on the next release, 63, which should ship tomorrow, October 16, 2013

   meeting soon to plan the move forward of Web QA's automation into the Django codebase
   Reviewed project QA needs, discussing merging Github repos

   Community Members Onboarding
   new member qba73 is doing automation pulls for Mozillians:
   another new member, viorela, is doing automation work on B2G with us:

Community (Marcia)

   One and Done Meeting Notes:
   Several action items came out of the meeting and are listed at the bottom of the etherpad

   Upcoming Events 
   Mozilla Festival  - October 25 – 27, 2013 in London
   Matt Wobensmith and Zac attending
   Working on Scoping Events for 2014
   Leveraging existing ones as well as doing another university event in the first part of the year

   Testdays (ashughes)
   No new testdays on the schedule, please contact ashughes if you want something tested/organized

   Video Work
   No update  this week (Raymond)
   going to add a more inviting welcome message to the frontpage of QMO
   re-enabled comments on QMO, but starting to see spam already, so will have to re-investigate ways to mitigate this, hopefully without much manual effort

   Community Members Onboarding

Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)


   A fix for the slow shutdown of httpd.js has been landed. Mozmill runs drastically faster! See bug 777354 for more details
   We have released Mozmill 1.5.24 with the above fix included:
   Mozmill CI
   OS X 10.9 machines are fully integrated in testing now
   Windows 8.1 machines are coming up most likely tomorrow
   Huge issues with sending out final job status emails:

   MozTrap (Cameron)

   Community Members Onboarding 

Roundtable/Discussion Items

   [marcia] Leftover Mac Minis and Mac Pros - up for grabs indicates that there is at least 1 Mac Pro with 32 GB of RAM
   could use minis or a pro for - testing of home directory on AFP network share
   [jsmith] Web Audio QA
   [jsmith&geo] qablocker keyword
   status of qa-urgent keyword proposal
   [henrik] Have we stopped serving updates for unagi for version 1.1? 
   [marcia] Yes, we have. Until the "new" dogfooding program starts.
   [edwong] do we support inari? answer: YES (still works for now but not shipping)
   [jammink] current head-on collision with scheduling l10n testruns and our full testruns.  Do we need more Qanalysts' resources?
   [jammink] how to best manage testcase updates?
   Can we have qanalysts update the cases, or do we need to do it ourselves?
   Bugzilla or Moztrap?

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items

   Action Items
   Once QA is done, Let Rel Eng know about the Mac Minis [marcia]
   Correlate asset tags on the Mac Minis with the model/spec for Henrik's direct assignment spreadsheet
   Last Meeting 
   Action Items