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  • performance work on brasstacks infrastructure
  • getting the log parser to work
  • Mozmill 1.3 released


  • crash kill,
  • testbot running and working this week on getting it integrated with the test agent


  • got the log parser updated for firefox results
  • remote mobile testing stuff, submitted a patch last night turning all the test harnesses into classes
  • sorted out unzip functionality wiht blassey for device agent - blassey just pushed it up to his repo - uses same code that we are using in the mozilla tree for the installer
  • Talos stuff - latest patch and build aki should be able to make the next pass through, will need to work with alice to figure out hwo best to get the patch approved and checked in. But that won't stop getting talos running on winmo.


  • late friday had breakthrough on the FTP stuff:
    • on wince there are issues on using buffers that are not globally alloc'd.
    • seeing networking issues on the regular telnet interfaces as well and in firefox
    • doing experimentation with that today
    • Friday we pulled won the 28 Mb cab file several times reliably.
    • Need to try it out on winmo as well.


  • spent week recovering from upgrade to centos machines - glibc issues
  • fixed [orange]s on m-c and tm for js ref tests
  • spent week working on crash parser for the crash worker automation.
  • This week - crash worker automation


  • working on getting bespin embedded, found a bug
  • created the regression range finder
  • working on making it install easily on windows.
  • Then going back to embedding bespin this week


  • doing better.
  • patches in for e10s and is checked in.
  • this week - e10s talos changes
  • need to test it on linux.

Next Steps for Sprint 3 We need to figure out what we want to demo at the All-Hands.

crash automation

  • getting crash workers - next checkpiont:
    • crash workers automatically connect to db, retrieve jobs
    • crash workers automatically submit the results
    • getting up and running on tomcats vm's (easy)
    • post all-hands -- getting minidumps and have those reported

log parser

  • bugs - find/fix
  • need to fix the ID of tests
  • testing it with full releases
  • will be able to show the log parser at all hands
  • wihmboo be in town on 2 and shoudl have a mozmill results page to view on by the all hands


  • Testing for plugins is done
  • Testing talos plugins testing for now, should be mostly done this week.
  • Testing for oop content will come after - the first thing would be to try to get it to work, and see what issues we find


  • waiting on vms - ctalbert - ping IT again
  • need to deal with the log parsing & suppression list


  • testbot to device installation prep going would be the first thing
  • get the test harnesses checked in and cleaned up - xpcshell is done
  • start on mochitest next - will require getting the remote webserver going
    • webserver might be a little hacked (?)
  • Fennec 1.0 is release next week Joel will be unavailable
  • reftest running
  • pull sut agents together

harthur's regression tool

  • Demo the gui regression finder
  • incorporate the feedback from ted on running an automated test with that thing.
  • mozmill would be easy, mochitest would be easy