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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • Mozmill issues, helping people with tests
      • Helped Jmaher fight hg
    • This week
      • Try to get big patch checked in
      • Boot up devices and testbot and see if I can get reftests on CE.
  • Bob
    • Spent a lot of time debugging with Tomcat and dealing with problems on his machines, not sure how many of those problems were connection issues or concurrency with the high latency connections. We don't see that in the colo until we get close to the end of the signature list and all the workes are working on the same query.
    • You get the rows from a view, and if you're not careful those rows can be stale because other workers hit the same query because they have already started working on those documents.
    • Spent a lot of time reworking the logic surrounding that so that it is a lot more robust.
    • Created a relationship between worker and doc that it is using. But have to still use some lookups for pending signatures to determine if the signature is already being worked on.
    • Seems like the concurrency stuff is now figured out, but learned quite a few things:
      • any query on a view you make, espeically conditional ones might be stale the moment you get it.
      • any time you do an update on it you have to do a consistency check and deal with the document conflicts
      • Whether you see it or not depends on how many documents will be shared between different machines.
      • Because of the increased frequency of updates, the database is growing faster and the daily compaction may not be enough. Investigating using multiple threads to run compaction on the database to start compacting the minute the database reaches a certain threshold, working on that this week.


  • Not really. Hoping to reuse some of the current test automation for the valgrind stuff for reporting. Should be starting on that this week.
  • Joel
    • Last Week
      • Got patches reviewed, attempted to check in, hg, unitest issues.
    • This Week
      • Got to figure out the unit test stuff for the big testing patch this week
      • Working on manual fennec testing for the final release this week
      • Still can't get fennec to register reftest extension.
  • Jonathan
    • Out today
  • Heather
    • Last Week
      • Crash Automation UI: Given signature, you will get the related bugs to it.
    • This Week
      • Crash Automation UI: Going to use the Rest API to associate a bug with the signature in crash automation.
  • Mikeal
    • Out today
  • Bob Moss
    • Ordered a couple of mobile devices for us to take a look at
    • Using a 3G router instead of a wifi router for connecting the devices to that.
    • Looking into network issues with these devices and see how to make them less flaky.