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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
    • Henrik:
      • Nothing much to say today, trying to update his stuff w.r.t. the stuff that mikeal did alast week.
      • Discussion about system level access after this call.
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • Working through communication issues with test agent and real SUT agent device
      • Mozmill support
      • Helped jmaher with his patch to end all patches
    • This week
      • Mozmill support
      • Finish getting test running from SUT Agent to test-server to test agent. (full circle)
      • continuing to help with jmaher's patch
  • Bob
    • Last week
      • upgraded cygwin on machines to 1.7 which helped with vista quite a bit
      • also helped on win2k3 to make minidump stackwalker to work more reliably
      • investigated threading to do periodic mainetenance, but decided that it was overkill for what we were doing. Refactored worker loop to address that.
      • Added automatic compaction to the worker
    • This week
      • will check in and review
      • look into valgrind this week
  • Joel
    • Last Week
      • Focused on getting fennec 1.0 rc out the door, nearing completion now, packaging and distrubution details remaining
      • Worked with aki to get talos stuff running in his environment, hitting more network issues h there :(
    • This Week
      • big test-agent patch looks like it is getting close to being done, the memory leak was a bug in the tinderbox code.
      • hopefully land today
      • talos patch should go to talos staging this week
  • Jonathan
    • Last Week
      • playing with mozmill last week
    • This week
      • converting mochi plain to chrome that uses universal xpconnect
      • purify still on hold pending 64 bit OS
  • Heather
    • Last Week
    • This Week
      • on plane today.


  • Crash Automation Issues
    • Added in 1.9.1 stuff and got low crash densities, also low crash densities with 3.6 and 3.7. 2 crashes out of 46K URLs.
      • tried tweaking the user hook but still doesn't really make any measurable difference.
      • wonder how many users are still using old versions of flash? Can we get them off of it?
      • timeout per page is still pretty high - five minutes - have over 350 timeouts so that might be where some of this stuff is hiding. Maybe farm those out to the crash tiger team to invetigate a small subset of those.
    • Stack walker is making dumps with a normal exit -- bc will ask Ted about that.
    • tomcat will be using his new mac minis to help with bandwidth
  • Mozmill
    • System Dialog Access
      • jgriffin will look into trying out the new apis that mikeal wrote and we will decide if they will work or if we need to go the c++/xpcom route - bug 525060 for more info.