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ctalbert was late, and so only had a handful of folks available today


  • verified fixes from mikeal and jgriffin
    • even checking out new branch he's not getting recent version, git hub seems to be messed up something might be broken in (need mikeal help)
  • working on testbrowsing api and looking at subgroups in bft we will probably have an api
  • remove all strange lookup strings out of tests and into the api so that the apis only have to updated to reflect new changes to firefox ui
  • going to do this going forward.
  • will start next week with documents for overview of which projects he is working on and where we need help for the community members, and will be ready for fosdem, will be presenting there again.
  • update of all the documents on mdc - we need to update them.
    • check mozmill-doc-needed on whiteboard.


  • fennec release candidate stuff, sorting out versioning stuff and last sets of patches should be figured out this week
  • still fighting to get the patch in.
    • OOP crashes preventing patch from landing
    • layout mochitest in debug mochitest is the other crash


  • mozmill figuring out how things are put together - working on python callbacks for system level dialogs.
    • next step is to create more robust library to handle timing inside the python callbacks.
  • Also need to get back to the conversion of mochitest high priviledge tests to mochitest chrome (OOP content preparation)


  • now has local instance of bob's crash automation server, working on getting it working with local vms


  • working on end -to end run of the orodruin framework on wince
  • will review mozmill tests this week