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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
    • Henrik
      • Mozmill 1.4 has been released
      • Machine in the QA lab has been setup to run daily Mozmill tests (normal/restart/update) - have to finalize the wrapper scripts for crontab
      • Reports get send to Brasstacks
      • Open QAE-P1 blockers
        • Who will implement the script for synchronizing results from brasstacks to litmus?
        • What do we wanna target for the next Mozmill release (D&D?)
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • Working on test-agent, helping with Litmus design
    • This week
      • More of the same
  • Bob (bc)
    • Last week
      • Brought up valgrind unit test automation, trying to figure out how to present the data so that it makes sense
    • Next week
      • Continuing with that, trying to combat db size, and will attempt to implement a new idea on how to query the data from the valgrind output. If it works out will probably port to crash test automation.
  • Joel
    • Last Week
      • Got a big Talos refactoring into Talos along with Jgriffin's patch as well.
      • Still have 3 patches left for Talos.
    • This Week
      • Will try to get one Talos patch into Talos during this week's downtime.
      • Beginning to get patches together for remote mochitest
      • Talked with crowder to get help with reftest extension
  • Jonathan
    • Last Week
      • Unplanned plugin OPP testing stuff, done now.
    • This week
      • Complete conversion of mochiplain to mochichrome for tests that will fail during OOP Content
      • STILL no purify license, will attempt to drive through this week
      • May need to modify the unit tests in order for purify to play nicely with the system that bob is developing for mochitest.
  • Heather
    • Last Week
      • Worked on litmus
      • Previewed mockups with aakash
    • This Week
      • Working on generic UI for querying couchdb
  • Tomcat
    • Working hard with Sir Bob on Crash Automation Stuff
    • More CrashAutomation !
    • Mitchell in Munich Wednesday
  • Murali
    • Last week
    • This week
      • Presenting bug regressions and bug statistics at brown bag this thursday
  • Bob Moss
    • Last week reviewed murali's presentation
    • Reached 95% functionality on android agent