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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
  • Henrik
    • Vacation last week
    • continued working with the guy from google to get the test case from google toolbar into our repository
    • mozmill test day on next week on friday (need docs)
    • try to focus on AMO editors
    • finish shared-module docs on Mdc
    • Next week need to have a session on qa workweek for ongoing work on mozmill.
    • AdrianK will start working on L10N testing with Mozmill
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • winmo, created test suite for sutagent, used that to hunt down bugs between sut agent and devicemanager
    • This week
      • Complete reviews
      • winmo Finish hunting down issues, get them done.
  • Bob (bc)
    • Last week
      • Got patches ready for clint for unit test and valgrind systems
      • been running for a week.
      • catching up on JS tests and landing them.
    • This week
      • Work with Heather on the UI for the valgrind/unit test automation
      • Work with Jgriffin and figure out the purify results
      • Setting up the machines in the colo
  • Joel
    • Last Week
      • Patches waiting on reivew. Dbaron, ted & clint
      • Trying to get talos working for last patch to talos.
    • This Week
      • Get progress on reviews this week.
      • Hopefully land bugs this week
      • Changing tests to use mochi.test instead of localhost
      • Have to figure out the ramifications of multiple IP tests
      • Working to get unit tests working on next version of maemo
  • Jonathan
    • Last Week
      • PHP and MySQL on brasstacks, got it working
    • This week
      • PHPAdmin on brasstacks.
      • Hook HALreftest extension to it and get it to submit stuff in the database
      • Following bugs with enable priviledge APIs
  • Heather
    • Last Week
      • Got the crash view working last week
      • Had to fight with django to get sorting working
    • This Week
      • Assertions, valgrind, unit test views up
  • Tomcat
      • Not in meeting today
  • Murali
    • Last week
      • working on query and reporting engine from tinderbox build logs
    • This week
      • continuing on that effort this week
  • Bob Moss
    • light week last week
    • trying to keep winmo afloat
    • make call at end of today on sutagent vs testagent


TODO: Session on get rid of enable priviledge for platform