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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
  • Henrik
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • BuildBot Scripts Completed for Mochitest
      • Heartbeat monitor first pass
    • This week
  • Bob (bc)
    • Last week
      • Papaya, pinapple working (build problem on crash reporter on PPC machines on 1.9.2)
      • There is a smvalgrind-windows box can be repurpoed
    • This week
      • Has disconnect bug where database becomes unavailable for a period of time
      • Get Valgrind Linux up and reporting this week
      • Hunting down that problem
      • Working on Crash UI with Harth
      • turned on crash automation on linux01 even though it is db host
      • Documentation, And start asking about cloning machines out.
  • Joel
    • Out today
  • Jonathan
    • Last Week
      • HAL reftest extension - all pieces working on brasstacks
      • Just need to get it to populate the database
    • This week
      • UI changes per last weeks meeting
  • Heather
    • Last Week
      • Worked with Bc on Crash automation UI
    • This Week
      • Should get something up on production that people can use this week.
  • Tomcat


  • Murali
    • Last week
      • Completed reftest-manifest checker
      • Revived top-fails scripts from ted
    • This week
      • Hand off reftest-manifest checker to Jesse
      • Continuing work on top-fails scripts
  • Bob Moss
    • Integrated blasseys code into sutagent
    • Added in functionality from other agents
    • Added in functionality to keep the phone on the network and to connect on startup
    • Acers (production phones) should be here this week.
    • Sending out remaining pieces email this week


  • What to do about sm-valgrind-windows
    • Windows 7 installed (32 bit)
    • Machine has 8 Gb Memory
    • Put 64 bit on it and use it for crashtesting
    • Not appropriate for Purify
    • Webserver properties?
    • QEU virtual CPU