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Round Robin Status

  • Guest Contributor's Status
  • Henrik
    • I have check-in permissions for Mozmill, Mozrunner, and Jsbridge - Yay!
    • Status of QAE-P1 bugs (probably next week):
    • QAE will will work on getting integrated Mozmill support for add-ons testing and reporting
    • Clint will write a comparison chart between Mochitest vs. Mozmill on MDC (this week)
  • Clint
    • Last Week
      • Got winmo running mochitest, reftest, crashtest, jsreftest (working with jmaher)
    • This week
      • Hand off to releng
      • Document system, document mozmill
      • Work on mozmill bugs
      • Help Jhammel learn his way around.
  • Bob (bc)
    • Last week
      • Debugged a contention issue with workers trying to reproduce 1 URL crashes
    • This week
      • Working with Tomcat to test out a fix to the contention issue by redesigning/simplifying queue access.
      • Working with Harth to finalize UI.
      • Beginning VM Rollout for crash/valgrind automation.
  • Joel
    • Last Week
      • winmo - working on patches and xpcshell
    • This Week
      • Polishing up last bugs, landing fixes to subclass infrastructure.
  • Jonathan
    • Birthday today.
  • Heather
    • Last Week
      • Finished up crash UI
      • Tried to get crash UI hosted on centos
    • This Week
      • Hosting crash UI on ubuntu
      • Continue fixing up items on crash UI, review with Choffmann this week.
  • Jeffrey
    • Last Week
      • Started looking at Profile management
    • This Week
      • Learning the ropes and continuing on working on profile manager.
  • Tomcat
    • on PTO today
    • Working on Crash Stats and Crashes via the Automation
      • some issues with Database size - working on it
    • Next Week - upgrade of the ESXi Server to 4.0
  • Murali
    • Last week
      • Dealing with review comments about reftest manifest checker
    • This week
      • Finishing reftest manifest checker
      • Working on bugzilla analysis of depends/blocking bugs
  • Bob Moss
    • Reproduced and fixed the push problem that was preventing reftests from running properly
    • Going to look into the jsreftest agent crash next


Crash Automation Feature List

  • Be able to link to details report on one particular signature
  • Toggle showing triaged crashes
  • Show bug id after triaging (needed)
  • Bug where greyed out text after triaging goes away after sorting
  • Show crash-stats url for the reproduced signature and original signatures
  • Show bugs for the reproduced and original signatures (needed)
  • Link to open all open/closed bugs in a tab
  • Show os version/cpu and worker name in details view