QA/TDAI/QAC Design Lunch Notes 2009-07-23

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Notes from Design Lunch

  • now It ought to choose the platform etc when you submit the bug
  • now Use "pass" in green, and "fail" in red
  • nowadd a spinner in the background when you're typing for the duplicates search so the user knows that something is happening in the background
  • now Instead of a dialog of dupes have the list appear between the bug summary and the bug description, have a spinner there while the bug list is being acquired
  • later Could you pull out the first comment of the bug?
  • nowNeed a header on the column for the duplicate bugs
    • skip Are the numbers actually that useful?
    • skip First time users don't really care about the numbers, so people don't really care about the numbers.
  • now On first run change "change test" to "Select Test" (litmus tab)
  • now, but maybe skip if too difficult Have a progress bar at the bottom that shows where you are in the subgroup.
  • nowButton for each test results - green pass, red fail yellow unclear button.
  • skip Put QAC into a sidebar or resize the window so you can see instructions and firefox at the same time
  • skipmake it more wizard like and step through each one. but you'd lose the context - future make steps in litmus easier to break apart more semantic
  • now change the litmus and bugzilla labels to "testing" and "file a bug" respectively

Login Tabs

For all the login items look what weave does and decide

  • Look in the login manager and see if they have a litmus entry - if so then just present them with an option to login
  • Make it more prominent and have a button first that says "if you have a account, click here, if not, click here" (create an account or use an existing account).
  • If you detect that they already have a litmus login on the computer then go ahead and log that person in without prompting them at all. - we set their credentials in field ready for them to see that
  • For the multiple account login stuff, do a wizard approach and ask which accounts thye have and which need to be created (future, gated on once we can create bugzilla logins)

Statistics Tab

  • later, but we definitely want it Add a tab that has statistics and lists of all tests that the user has run.
    • number of tests per day according to other users are doing, percentage computer of the overall test run.
    • numbers of rtests run in last week/last
  • later, stats tab Add a tab for the stats and status of "my submitted bugs" or combine with the litmus tab status stuff.
  • later - depends on litmus v2 Have ability to display a recommended list, and call that out in the extension perhaps by setting the test types
  • later Have information about your completed status on the "change test" dialog. - you've done 7/10 of this group or what have you.
  • nowAdd tooltip to the Q tab so that people would know what to do with it.
  • now Add in the help link that takes people to a page on QMO for help
  • later, litmus v2 Litmus v2 should also gate tests on a per OS approach
  • now As soon as you click submit on the bugzilla tab disable it and replace it with a spinner to show that it is working.
  • now When clicking on the bug in the "you submitted a bug" window the little window should close.
  • now Could populate the buildID in the bug, and the litmus test id of the failing test.
  • later If the bug number is known it should be displayed? Maybe if we detect that there is a regression bug ID then we could prepopulate the comment field with that bug id and linkify it so that the person running the test can go check out that bug.