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Q4 2006

  • (DONE) create Windows XP SP2 test-specific reference platform
  • (DONE) install RHEL and XP reference platform to internal test machines
  • (DONE) assist Alice in setup of test harness, tests and graph server

Q1 2007

  • create Vista, Windows server, Linux and Mac test-specific reference platforms
  • identify and order batches of test hardware - at least two of each ref platform on each applicable hardware configuration
    • document hardware platform
  • document procedure for installing new test machines e.g.
    • for IT:
      • installing ref image
      • installing client software
    • for build:
      • basic configuration
    • for QA:
      • decide on right location for test harness, tests and test data (CVS?), changes picked up automatically on test machines
  • Use buildbot for driving test harness
  • port performance test harness to Mac/Linux
  • buildbot testing infrastructure
    • (DONE) setup linux master
    • (DONE) setup linux & win32 slave
    • (DONE) setup mac slave
    • (DONE) setup make check
    • (DONE) setup reftest on linux, win32 & mac
    • (DONE) document installation
    • (DONE) setup tinderbox & email notification (reporting to MozillaTest)
    • (DONE) add mochitest
    • (DONE) prettify tinderbox reports
    • add js tests
    • add/port leak tests
    • performance testing?