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Team Name Overview

Provide an overview of what the team is focused on. What are the dev products and projects the team is responsible for. What is the charter of the Team?

Team Details

Provide explanation of how the team is composed. Does it consist of only Mozilla employees? Does the Team depend on part time resources of other team members

Team Members and Assignments

Name Contact Availability Project Assignments
Linus Torvalds 888-555-1212(C) Community Member (full time) Opensource Unix Project


  • This Week
  • Archive


  • provide link to a public accessible google calendar. Calendar should contain all team milestones, deliverable dates and events


  • add when (what day, every 2 weeks) and where (conf rm) the meeting is held.
  • add dialin info
  • page link to last meeting (redirect to the last meeting page)
  • page link to next meeting (redirect to the next meeting page)
  • date link to meeting
  • date link to meeting

Team Goals

add link to the current quarter team goals

Current Projects

This section should contain a list to the active current team project page. The section will be included as part of the top level QA organization page.

Project Description
Project Wiki Page This project will find all bugs in all software ever written.

Community Contribution

Details on how community members can contribute to the team projects.


Reference Links

add links to pertinent wiki pages, blogs, dev project pages, internet sites etc. If team has a number of projects, then it may be more appropriate to list reference links that are specific to the project in the project page itself.


add link to any permanent documentation for the team or projects


A link to a page that contains out of date projects, resources etc. Things we don't want to lose the links to, but are not currently relevant.