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Moderator Sign-ups

Time Moderator
0800 - 1200 kbrosnan
1100 - 1400 kbrosnan
1300 - 1700 kbrosnan

Read Me First!

  • Check to make sure whatever you are testing on meets system requirements: Supported Platforms
    • Note: If you don't have a device that is supported, you can still help test by using the desktop version of Fennec Windows OS X Linux i686
    • Windows installation and basic usage video
      • <video controls="controls" height="300px" width="400px">
  • Download the latest Firefox Mobile 4 Beta on the device or platform that meets requirements.
  • For any bugs found, add "[Fennec4b5Testday]" to their whiteboard
  • If you're unsure it's a bug, go to the #testday channel (check out Communication for more info)

Words of Wisdom

  • Each "thing to do" should be taken a guide, not as an instruction
    • i.e. Feel free to experiment!
  • If you have any questions at all, ask in the #testday channel
    • Also run it past the people in the channel for any possible bugs or complaints

Helpful Information


  • For general questions: irc: #testday channel
    • primary contacts: kbrosnan,
    • secondary contacts : ioanachiorean (EE timezone), anna (EE timezone)

Reference Guides

Known Issues

  • Motorola Droid 1st generation (Milestone) poor performance only 256mb ram
  • Samsung Galaxy S phones running Android 2.1 have JIT disabled this will cause performance issues
  • phones with hardware keyboards can run into issues entering text on webpages
  • swiftkey can cause the keyboard to disappear
  • Adobe Flash is not supported