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Words of Wisdom

  • Each "thing to do" should be taken a guide, not as an instruction
    • i.e. Feel free to experiment!
  • If you have any questions at all, ask in the #testday channel
    • Also run it past the people in the channel for any possible bugs or complaints

Daily Browsing Checklist

Check your email accounts

  • Save your login credentials, log out and revisit the page again
  • Check you Inbox
  • Compose and send an e-mail
  • Download an attachment
  • Add a calendar event
  • Upload a spreadsheet (via Gmail if you have it)
  • Open their online instant messaging application

Go Shopping

  • Install and use a shopping add-on - see list here
  • Add items to your shopping cart and complete a check-out
  • Test form history on the billing information form

Visit your favorite Social Network

  • Login and don't save your login credentials
    • Logout and revisit the page
  • Search for your friends
  • Open your friends' profiles in a new tab or window
  • Go to 3-4 of your friends' profiles and type in the name of one of your friends in the awesome bar
  • Upload and/or Edit Photo Albums, Blog Links, Blog Entries, etc.

Check your Accounts

  • Login and Logout of your favorite banking, utilities (water/electricity/gas) or any other account website (cell phones, cable, etc.) site in Private Browsing Mode
  • Use Clear Recent History after Log in/out of the banking site in regular mode

Make a Map

  • Get directions from your home to the new HQ
  • Search for directions and add the resulting page as a bookmark

Read the News

  • Add a news feed to your toolbar
  • Open multiple tabs stories/articles and re-arrange, detach and add tabs


  • Add search engines to your profile
  • Test for autocomplete via google

Watch a Video

  • Watch videos here and play around with seeking, and the rest of the video player controls
  • Re-size your browser windows while the video is playing
  • Do your daily browsing on another window while watching a video
  • Rate and/or post a comment to videos while watching one