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  • Martijn, Anthony, Matt, Geo, Al, Juan, Henrik
Who's new
  • Introducing Geo Mealer


Test Creation
  • Aaron is working on the first Session Store test (ready for check-in soon)
  • Tobbi is working on the test to install multiple extensions (ready for check-in soon)
Test Fixing
  • Fixed failures with default homepage on Linux (Anthony)
  • Need fix for the litmus-data move (Anthony)
  • Need updates for shared API's for Firefox 4.0 (Henrik)
Update Tests
  • Sometimes update tests report failures => slow mirrors
  • With the new machines we can do those tests in 1/2 the time
Cloud Testing
  • Got feedback from Jorge Villalobos. Creating the spec can be started now.
Add-ons Testing
  • We have some tests in place for the Google Toolbar
  • Add-on test-run script has been implemented it works smoothly
  • Successful testday last Friday (one more add-on to come in the next days)
  • Figuring out how to reach more add-on authors
  • Updated documentation and specs (please crosscheck)
(Release) Testing
Result Dashboard
  • Dashboard on risk for this quarter


  • Last two weeks
    • Work with Google to have some tests in our repository
    • Finished up Add-ons test-run and hold a testday on it
    • Updated project documentations on the Wiki
    • Started to work on the Result Data project (Mozmill 1.4.2 has to come with full support)
    • Moved automation scripts to an own repository
  • Next two weeks
    • Blog post about all of our projects
    • Continue/Finishing updating existing shared API's to fix failures in Minefield
    • Working closer with Auto-Tools team to finish reporting feature
    • Creating spec and start coding the cloud testing extension
    • Getting tests for Fidesfit extension into our repository
  • Last two weeks
    • Fixed 5 test failures
    • Added helper method to UtilsAPI to get the default homepage
    • Fixed assertLoadedURLEqual() to deal with automatic redirects
    • 2 patches reviewed
    • Tested new update scripts
    • 9 rounds of update testing
      • 3.6.x -> 3.6.4build4 beta
      • 3.6.4build4 -> 3.6.4build5 beta
      • 3.6.x -> 3.6.4build5 betatest
      • 3.6.4buildX -> 3.6.4build5 betatest
      • 3.6.x -> 3.6.4build6 betatest
      • 3.6.x -> 3.6.4build6 beta
      • 3.6.4buildX -> 3.6.4build6 betatest
      • 3.6.4buildX -> 3.6.4build6 beta
      • 3.6.4buildX -> 3.6.4build6 release
  • Next two weeks
    • more update testing
    • fix Litmus Data URL in any tests which use it
    • fix P1 3.5/3.6 failures (9 tests)
      • Current state: 9 P1s, 8 P2s, 3 P3s (20 total)
      • See table)
      • NOTE: Fixing the Litmus Data bug may, consequentially, resolve many of the failures. If this is the case, I will re-prioritize the failures immediately.

  • Last two weeks:
    • Actively working on first script (bug 553616), going over code examples in other scripts in repository.
  • Next two weeks:
    • Send first script up for review
    • Work on second script (bug 553617)
  • Last two weeks:
  • Next two weeks:

Contributor Status

  • Name


  • QMO2 documentation created/transferred from the wiki (Anthony)
  • Team updates
    • Matt and Henrik will work on getting an template up for individual status reporting on the team page
New Hardware
  • 2 Mac Pro machines have been ordered
  • We want to test 64bit builds - shall we always use 64bit VM's (needs to be ordered)?
  • Presentation (Mozmill testing + demo cloud-testing extension)
  • Science Fair (proposals)
  • [DONE] Mozmill 1.4.1 not in review queue on AMO (was an AMO bug)
Team Video
  • First video will be recorded during the summit
  • Proposals are collected on bug 560839

Action Items

  • We have to show ongoing activity on all projects. Lets get started with the general documentation and goals for that project. (Henrik)
  • Add a section for risky goals to the meeting agenda (Henrik)
  • New machines have been delivered. Lets file a bug 569727 (Henrik) to get those setup (Al); Lets try to get running all VMs with 64bit OS.
  • Check out how breakout sessions will be handled during the summit. (Matt)
  • Fix the communication problems for the video creation process. (Henrik)