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Next Goals
  • Clean test-run for Firefox 3.6
  • Updating tests for Firefox 3.7 due to behavior and ui changes
  • Run Mozmill tests for the next Firefox 3.7 alpha build


  • Last two weeks
    • Fixed a couple of broken tests
    • Branched repository for Firefox 3.7
    • Created documentation for mostly all ongoing/planned projects
    • Worked on getting a streamlined Mozmill test-run on the QA lab machine (bug 562027)
    • Temporary script to download builds from FTP server (bug 528064)
  • Next two weeks
    • Finalize work for streamlined Mozmill test-runs + get Firefox 3.7 test-runs
    • [CARRY OVER] Create specialized class from Mozmill for add-on test-runs (waiting for Google)
    • Finalize documentation for cloud testing project
    • Creating spec and requirements for the cloud testing extension
  • Last two weeks
    • 6 patch review
    • 1 test fixed
    • 0 new tests created
    • 1 new failure identified
    • Ran update testing for the first time (3.5.x and 3.6.x)
  • Next two weeks
    • Review all patches as required
    • Fix all security failures (# TBD)
    • Complete Downloading/Security BFTs by end of May
    • Continue to run update tests as needed
Al Billings
  • No progress because of ongoing 1.9.1/1.9.2 release nightmares
  • Have first testcase reviewed (really!)

Contributor Status

  • Name


  • Mozmill talk (and demo) during the Summit (cloud testing extension)
  • How should we structure of the meeting notes (personal / projects)
  • Allocation of personal resources for release / feature testing
  • Takeaway from yesterdays 3.6.4build1 update testing (VPN, fallback)
Promotional Videos
  • Henrik will create the introduction video (bug 560837)