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Mozmill is a test tool and framework for writing automated tests for Gecko based applications such as Firefox. This location is for the project development of Mozmill. For information about Mozmill, visit its homepage at dev.m.o.

General Information


Open Mozmill bugs

We use the "Testing/Mozmill" component on to track bugs and enhancements for mozmill. One thing we do a bit differently is use the whiteboard as a means of triaging bugs. Use the following whiteboard flags when submitting/triaging bugs (assuming mozmill 2.0 is the current version under development):

  • [mozmill-2.0?] - candidate for 2.0
  • [mozmill-next?] - candidate for some unspecified future version
  • [mozmill-2.0+] - accepted for 2.0
  • [mozmill-2.0-] - rejected for 2.0

There is a shared search called Mozmill 2.0 which you can use to view candidate bugs. You can also use keyword bookmarks (assuming you are using Firefox):

  • Bookmark this awful url:
  • Edit the bookmark and add a keyword of your choice (i.e mozmill)
  • Type 'mozmill 2.0' or 'mozmill 2.2' etc. into the location bar


You're invited to join our bi-weekly phone call.

Bi-weekly, public Mozmill meetings

  • 12:30 Pacific Time
  • 1-800-707-2533 or 650-903-0800
  • PIN 369 (if using 1-800 number)
  • Ext. 92 (if using 650 number)
  • Conference Number 304#
  • Backchannel: #mozmill

Meeting Notes


Mozmill is composed of several python packages (Mozmill, Mozrunner, Mozprofile, Mozproces, JSBridge, etc) as well as applicationextensions. While we all work together to create a coherent product, the conceptual components each have a maintainer who is the point-person for that part of Mozmill:

Module Maintainers

Mozmill 2.0

The next major release will be Mozmill 2.0 which will hopefully be released by end of Q2 2012. For more information see the details on the milestone page.

JSON Wire Protocol

There is explorative work to get Mozmill to operate with a JSON wire protocol