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Last weeks action Items

  • [DONE] Geo: Schedule meeting for debugging/execution labs for automation (scheduled by Henrik)
  • [MISSED] Geo: Send out list of broken tests w/ Fx4 and MM1.5
  • [DONE] Henrik: Update QA lab machines and databases to use Mozmill 1.5 (Sep. 1st)
  • [MISSED] Henrik: Send out email for more details to introduction (recruiting) video
    • Waiting for feedback of the presentation brainstorming ideas first
  • [DONE] Henrik: Send out email to start the work for the automation presentation
  • [DONE] Henrik: Schedule meeting for release tasks and machine reservation
  • [DROPPED] Henrik: Setup a list of prioritized feature requests for 2.0
    • Will work together with the A-team during our work week
  • [MISSED] Matt: Check what limits test harnesses on buildbot to use other local webservers (connect with John O'Duin)
  • [DONE] Matt: Request a post mortem for Mozmill 1.5
  • All: Check the proposed docs for the shared module refactoring from Geo


Mozmill (Henrik)
  • Notes from the Mozmill 1.5 Post Mortem
Test creation / shared modules
  • General (Henrik)
    • Currently working on updating the AddonsAPI for Firefox 4.0
  • DOM Walker + L10n API (not ready yet) (Adrian)
    • Documentation + UML Diagrams for CommonA11yL10nAPI and L10nAPI
    • implementation of the CommonA11yL10nAPI and L10nAPI
    • Targeting the end of September for all the L10n work completion
Local Test Data (Anthony)
  • No update
  • Progress slow due to heavy release work (4.0b5, 3.6.9, 3.5.12)
  • Workflow Tweak:
    • Aaron write patches
    • Anthony review patches
    • Henrik additional review patches
    • Geo check-in patches
Broken Tests
  • Firefox 4.0 (Geo)
    • Have started test runs with Mozmill 1.5 final, will be generating new bugs/fix list from those runs.
  • Firefox 3.5/3.6 (Anthony)
    • No update
Update Tests (Henrik)
MozMill Crowd extension (Henrik)
  • no update
Add-ons Testing (Henrik)
  • no update
Automation (Henrik)
  • Backed-out canonical path generation for reporting. It will be part of the couch database.
Dashboard (Henrik)
  • Creation of specs have been started; first revision passed
  • Created staging server to work with until problems (reliability and reversed proxy) with Brasstacks are solved.
  • Separated testrun results into different sections
  • Layout updated

Risky Goals


  • Last two weeks
    • [MISSED] Update AddonsAPI and tests to work with Firefox 4.0
      • Had to wait for major UI changes and patch stabilization
    • [MISSED] Create list of Mozmill tests to implement
    • [DONE] Create spec for the dashboard (General test-run pages)
    • Started to work on the new version of the dashboard
  • Next two weeks
    • Finish work on the dashboard (general testrun)
    • Continue work on the crowd extension
    • Update AddonsAPI and prepare list of Mozmill tests to implement
    • Attend CouchCamp and QA work week
  • Last two weeks
    • [MISSED] Complete conversion of 31 tests to use local-data
      • Heavy release schedule and preparation for workweek bugday
  • Next two weeks
    • Review queue to 0 Just completed as of 1:30pm today
    • Check-in queue to 0
    • Restructure workflow of local-data project
  • Last two weeks
    • [CARRY OVER] Get script for Bug 553618 re-fixed and submitted.
    • [CARRY OVER] Figure out what we can do with microsummary restrictions.
  • Next two weeks
    • Work on tab candy as possible during work week.
    • Finish carryover goals.
  • Last two weeks:
    • [CARRY OVER] of conversion of 31 tests to use local-data
    • Refactoring tasks in tests for 1.5
    • Patches for 4.0b* broken tests
  • Next two weeks:
    • [CARRY OVER] of conversion of 31 tests to use local-data (patches and fixes upon reviews)
    • Attend QA work week
  • Last two weeks:
    • [MISSED] Documentation + UML Diagrams for CommonA11yL10nAPI and L10nAPI
      • health problems heavily interrupting my work lately
  • Next two weeks:
    • [CARRY OVER] finish Documentation + UML Diagrams for CommonA11yL10nAPI and L10nAPI
    • [CARRY OVER] implementation of the CommonA11yL10nAPI and L10nAPI

Contributor Status

  • Name


  • QA Automation (recruiting) video
    • Finalize details (please send Henrik the presentation proposals so we can draft what we want to say)
    • Re: presentation, who-what-how-why is great outline, also how do people get involved?
  • Brasstacks is not reliable enough and with the use of reversed proxies (databases are located under /couchdb/ instead of /) we run into troubles when using vhosts.\
    • Easy to get good basic functionality from CouchApp, but flexibility concerns?
    • Henrik can amplify when back from CouchCamp
  • Tab Candy Automation?
    • Goal w/ strong impact on current testing strategy
    • Good group project for team, can we achieve by end of WW?
    • Anthony: in-litmus tab candy + tab candy automation synergize well

Action Items

  • Matt: Action items from release tasks meeting? Need to notify release leads that they're responsible for coordinating resources.
  • Geo: For Auto-tools meeting next wk, how to incorporate train model going forward
  • Henrik & Matt: How to streamline patch checkin process
  • Geo: Generate wiki page to sum up tab candy objective