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Firefox mobile Native UI

We are testing the new Firefox mobile

For any bugs modified or filed today please place [testday-20111111] in the whiteboard


(Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8, so 0100 PST = 0900 UTC, and 1700 = 0100 UTC)
0100 - Camelia, Martijn
0200 - Carla, Martijn
0300 - xti
0400 - Andreea
0500 - Andreea
0600 - Aaron
0700 - Aaron
0800 - kbrosnan
2100 - kbrosnan
1000 - Aaron
1100 - Martijn
1200 - kbrosnan
1300 - tracy
1400 - marcia/John
1500 - nhirata
1600 - nhirata/John

Important Links



  • Install Firefox mobile from the above test build link.
  • Enable installing from Unknown Sources
    • Press the Android menu button
    • Open the Android Settings
    • Choose Applications
    • Check the Unknown sources option
  • Download
  • Agree to the install and app permissions

Alternate setup (no phone required)

  • Download and install the JDK for your system
  • Download the Android SDK for your operating system
  • extract/install
  • Install ARM EABI v7a system image
  • Windows - "SDK Manager.exe"
  • OS X/Linux open the tools folder and run the android file
  • check the box in the screen shot and press install 1 package
  • Run the AVD manager
  • Windows "AVD Manager.exe"
  • OS X/Linux open the tools folder and run the android file
  • tools menu > Manage AVDs
  • in the Android Virtual Device Manager window
  • click new
  • Name -> android
  • Target -> Android 4.0 - API level 14
  • Size -> 2048
  • press create AVD
  • screenshot of the settings]
  • Select android and press start in the Android Virtual Device Manager window
  • initializing the virtual Android device can take several minutes
  • Launch the default web browser (globe icon, lower right)
  • open , download will start
  • to monitor the download click and hold on the clock and drag down
  • when the download is complete click on the file to launch the installer
  • when the installer is done to find Fennec
  • click the circle with six squares on the home screen
  • locate Fennec on the list of Apps and click on it
  • the emulator can be very slow when it comes to loading pages
  • The address bar has the hardware keyboard bug so you will need to click on pre-set bookmark such as google and search to navigate to new pages

Testing Firefox mobile features

Provide a description of the activity along with any pertinent steps, tips, and links (Repeat for as many different activities as are happening) - Testing Areas

Major Known Issues or Features Not Yet Implemented

  • We are still working on panning and zooming. If you find a panning and zooming bug, it is probably known.
  • Panning/Zooming/Gestures
  • Add-ons
  • Download Manager
  • Screenshot Issues
  • About:Config
  • Context Menus
  • Text Selection
  • Localization
  • Missing Icons/Assets
  • Preference Organization
  • Home Page Settings
  • Hard Keyboard Device Input Issues with URL input
  • Webpages are too "bouncy" when overscrolling
  • Meta Viewport issue: Some pages will not scale and fit within the viewport
  • about:firefox
  • Some pages are loading double headers
  • No double tap zoom support yet
  • Some content pages will load with a horizontal sliver of content shown:
  • Pages with textboxes may grab focus and launch the Virtual Keyboard on launch
  • Virtual Keyboard on URLBar does not appear in landscape mode
    • Some pages looks clipped or unfinished, even though the page loading is completed
    •, sign in, and pan down
  • Zooming doesn't rescale the content
  • On tablets, viewing in landscape mode causes checkerboards that won't go away (tile size is too small)
  • Scrolling down too far can turn the whole content into a white screen

Verifying Firefox mobile bugs

  • Open
  • Select a bug from the list
  • Read the bug carefully
  • note what the problem is
  • note how to verify the fix
  • Check that the problem listed in the bug is fixed



Find the moderator for your hour of the testday, they will add your bug number to this page. Moderators don't forget to get a name and the bug number and mark updated [update], verified [verified] or created [new], for example:








  • bug 701741 - VKB appears on sites that launch with onfocus in textboxes
  • bug 701785 - Missing html5 video controls in context menu
  • bug 701771 - Context Click menu shows FS option even within FS movde
  • bug 701911 - Progress detection doesnt always detect the content has been fully loaded