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The purpose of this page is to collect new ideas and to record the results of testing these ideas. We'll conduct a review of each tested idea with the person who tested it and record the feedback below. Successful ideas will be incorporated into our best practices. If you have an idea, please add it below.


All tested experiments should follow the scientific method.

  1. Formulate a question
  2. Hypothesize based on knowledge obtained in developing the question
  3. Predict the logical consequences should the hypothesis be true
  4. Test to prove the hypothesis proves true or false, be sure to record data where appropriate
  5. Analyze the results of the test
  6. Repeat the test (several times if needed) to see if it produces the same outcome
  7. Solicit anonymous feedback from your peers to further test your hypothesis
  8. Publish the results


The following is a collection of new things we should try.

Tested Ideas

The following lists ideas that have been tried.