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How to Participate

  • To join using Vidyo, please join the Anthony Hughes room
  • To join using telephone, call +1 (800) 707-2533, enter 369 as the pin and 99007 as the extension
  • To join using IRC, connect to the server and /join the #qa channel


Previous action items

Review the status of action items from the last meeting

  • [DONE] [ashughes] find a new owner for 'weekend testday'
  • [DONE] [gaby2300] narrow down LatAm testday topics to one or two teachable things and make sure documentation is set up

Open Discussion

Please add anything you want to discuss

  • we should find ways to leverage the re-org:
    • Marcia's embedding with Mike Hoye re: community work
    • opening door to having embedded team members approach us to help them organize a testday for their high priority areas

Project Deliverables

Review the progress of the current quarter's deliverables

  • Bangladesh Testday [ikram] : currently pending budget approval by Reps council
  • Argentina Testday [gaby2300]: currently tracking down topics to teach
    • Yunito: we should do the event before March 29
    • Gaby: we should survey the community to get a sense of the target audience in terms of skills sets
  • UK Testday [satdav]: I have looked at this and we will arrange it for mach possible doing it over a weekend - I have decided to host this on 17th March 2014 in #qa
  • Groundwork [ashughes]: created a survey to get feedback on QA's recognition story, to be published this week

Testday Review

Review the outcomes of the most recent testday

Action Items