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June 16, 2014

  • Attendees: Anthony Hughes, Aaron Train
  • Location: Anthony Hughes' Vidyo channel



  • Ill devised 'reinvigorate' test-days goal for devised for this quarter which was created earlier on based on prior conversations

Goal Ideas

  • Focus on providing a roadmap and a set of curricula to help other community leads to start doing the "reinvigorating" of the test days throughout

Current Problems/Issues

  • lack of accountability
    • no goal for the event creator, what are you trying to achieve from having the event and having people contribute
  • lack of participation during North American business hours
    • lack of activity in the channel during these times -- need to create activity -- disincentivizes people to contribute
    • should broadcast, advertise event the day of across channels more
    • many people are at their day jobs during these times
    • lack of planning to drive the event forward throughout the day
  • lack of "contributor ladder"
    • why are people coming? to learn? to contribute to the product -- this may be different for each product/project
    • the "ladder" may not necessarily be tied to the "testdays program" but to feed people into different projects
    • take inspiration from marketplace team -- a day to interface with mentors, including devs
    • those who are "trained" could become "trainers"
  • lack of reward for testers, developers, engineers, etc
    • devs likely want more eyes on their product, filing bugs, etc
    • testers likely want to learn new skills, find bugs in product, provide feedback
      • thank testers for their contributions
      • do something with badges
  • lack of incentive (what is the incentive?)
    • gear towards an easy introduction to the community, establish relationships with mentors
    • accustomed to tasks
    • open the event up to a broad range of tasks
    • pick up a set of valuable skills
  • too much overhead in tracking contributors
    • needed for outreach, metrics, rewards, engagement
    • should be discussed more thoughtfully with the Community Champions
    • this is something where QA could really benefit from having a community manager
  • difficult to keep contributors engaged long-term
  • events feel "stale" because it's always Softvision making "firefox" testdays
  • announcement and communication channels are inconsistent
  • checklist not followed for communication
  • avenues of broadcasting the event are stale
  • testdays have become little more than "exploiting" volunteers to get some testing done, instead of an introductory, on-boarding, and educational mechanism to get volunteers involved in various projects -- testdays should be designed with what we can "teach" and less about what community can do for us -- the latter will come from the former

Define the "Ideal"

  • need to define once we have a better idea of the current context

Ideas to get us from A to B

  • redefine as an educational tool and a way to get people involved in different projects with some sort of "testing" component involved -- what defines "value" for testday may be different for each product/project
  • take inspiration from marketplace team -- a day to interface with mentors, including devs
  • what value do community members want to get from us?
  • have a form or something so the broader community can contribute ideas
  • testday event notice board?
  • testday mailing list?
  • QA training days?
    • yes
  • Testday post-mortems?
    • communicate results/value of the event via subscribed list for contributors
    • communicate achievements through engineering meetings
  • Periodic Testday program meetings?
    • need to have some way to check-in on project

Leveraging Tools

  • IRC Channel: deprecate #testday channel and move it to #qa channel
  • Testdaybot
    • what purpose do we want the bot to serve?
    • it could probably serve some of our problems like broadcasting
  • Etherpad
    • Understanding what data we want recorded, is EtherPad the best tool?
  • Wiki
    • revisit the checklist
    • revisit the testday templates
    • benefit is wiki is more searchable and less prone to overwrite
  • One & Done
    • could every testday include a One&Done component?
    • better as a tool for people to complete tasks individually on their own time, not great to be utilized at an "event"
    • use it as a tool to create opportunity outside of the timeboxed period of an event
  • Moztrap
    • query the community to see if it's a valuable tool and if not, what could we do to improve it?
    • see what the Moztrap team has on their roadmap -- Cameron is still running things (i think)
  • QMO
    • today's event does not show up first
    • ideal would be for a QMO post to serve as the event notice, the test plan, and the communication channle (integrated IRC)
    • revisit/revise the Testday docs on QMO, make sure they are up to date
  • Facebook/Twitter/etc
    • needs to be utilized more, perhaps Testdaybot could help
    • are there other social networks we should try to integrate?
  • Other tools?
    • we should explore different avenues for communication and go where the people are
  • Do we have too many tools?
  • What are the use cases and can tools be integrated to minimize the overhead?
  • how do we get to a single tool
  • test the theory that organizing/maintaining testdays has too much overhead -- reach out to past organizers

Leveraging Community Programs

  • ask Marcia, Michelle Marovich if there are community programs we could be utilizing to better support testdays

Leveraging other communities

  • try running a testday in cooperation with Canonical ( ) or Red Hat
  • are there other communities we could be doing something similar with?
  • what is the incentive for other communities to participate?

Leveraging other in-company successes for inspiration

Actions Items

  • Anthony to document *this* meeting and the starting of our strategy, deliver in the Community meeting on Thursday -- recurring discussion item in the Champions meetings