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Meeting Information

When: Thursday @ 9am PDT (UTC -7)
Video conference:
Vidyo room: Anthony Hughes (or click the link above ^)
Telephone: +1 (800) 707-2533 p369 x99007
IRC: #qa


  • Anthony Hughes
  • Aaron Train
  • Ioana Chiorean
  • Jan\


1. Review meeting feedback:

  • 4 responses so far
  • Tuesday @ noon or 1pm are the most popular (tied at 4 votes each)

2. Review feedback given so far:

  • context seems to have solidified and received support, use that as our foundation and define our strategy during the work week

3. Planning for the work week

  • figure out the strategy for QMO
  • defer this conversation to the next meeting
  • did we want to have 1:1s with people who used to contribute who don't anymore?

4. Review the results of the most recent testday


  • Anthony - Meeting Survey - repost to give people a second chance, reiterate it in the QA meetings, reference it in the IRC channel subject, reiterate it to testday participants
  • Aaron - try to find the old wiki page that was collecting small ideas to improve testdays
  • rIoana C - reach out to Mozilla Reps to leverage as PR (William Reynolds is probably a good person to start with), reps mailing list (I can help with Reps - Ioana C.)