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Meeting Information

When: Tuesday @ 1pm PDT (UTC -7)
Video conference:
Vidyo room: Anthony Hughes (or click the link above ^)
Telephone: +1 (800) 707-2533 p369 x99007
IRC: #qa
Notes from previous meeting:


Aaron, Anthony, Gaby, Marc, lizzard

Previous Actions



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  • Experimental Testday Notes (Sept 22nd -> 26th)
    • Mentors
      • Need absolute commitment for attendance
      • Need more staff commitment
    • Communication
      • Need daily on-going broadcasting of event, Twitter/IRC
      • Make sure for next time to change the topic channel in QA
    • Other
      • Halt on publicizing other events during event
      • Weekly digest of events for the week on QMO - also add events to the monday project meeting
      • Ensure traditional events continue to happen but don't conflict with "experimentation" events -- encourage incorporating some of the ideas into traditional events
      • need a better mechanism to welcome people in the channel and to know who's there to participate
      • dev-quality for after-event survey and sign-up
    • chemspill activities were a huge distraction - no way around this, we'll just have to try again
    • need to identify current challenges/problems and reach out to expertise within organization to try to solve those problems (Michelle, David), spend less time trying to reinvent the wheel

Idea: We could send email invites to next event to one and done users who have attempted tasks recently in particular areas. Example query: To extract emails I would either copy & paste into a spreadsheet or use awk. Idea: Future events, add welcoming onboarding instructions for connecting mentors with those interested in attending the event," e.g, after connecting to #QA, mention that you are interested in topic X"


  • Anthony - create an etherpad to start collecting ideas for the Bot
  • Anthony - Reach out to organizers of events last week to collect feedback
    • were you able to run your event? if not, why not?
    • what got in the way of your event being a success?
    • what barriers can we break for the next time?
    • get a commitment from them to run another one of their sessions within the next quarter - and identify what they need from us to commit to that
    • how much advanced notice is enough notice to prep for an event
  • Aaron - Get Softvision to start incorporating "mentorship" into their events
  • Team - Start thinking of what we want to try to be impactful in Q4
  • Aaron - Add question to survey regarding event notice and or event style preference
  • Anthony - Invite Michelle to one of our next meetings so we can discuss potential solutions to some of the problems we've been having
  • Liz - generate a list of O&D task completers and send that to people organizing testdays related to their tasks