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Meeting Information


  • Aaron Train, Anthony Hughes, Gabriela Montagu

Previous Actions


  • Get Softvision to start incorporating "mentorship" into their events
  • Add question to survey regarding event notice and or event style preference
  • Send out Staff Email to solicit sign-ups for q4 events


  • create a page to collect ideas for the Bot
  • Reach out to organizers of events last week to collect feedback
    • emailed each organizer, waiting for response
  • Invite Michelle to one of our next meetings so we can discuss potential solutions to some of the problems we've been having
    • let's brainstorm and prioritize the problems so I have something more concrete to ask of Michelle


  • Contacting Reps re: general info
  • Think about asserting against a checklist to make sure all requirements are information is needed for a testday before holding one, 24 hours in advance (e.g, mentorship sign-up, backup staff are available)


  • Start thinking of what we want to try to be impactful in Q4
    • (Aaron) I think if we get suggested tips and ideas from community managers on where to find new attendees for our events we'll be in a better position to running a successful program. I think we have a great program as is but we need to find people through better outreach. How do we reach the people and go to where the people are? If we have a general idea we should put our focus on that for the quarter and continue to experiment
    • (Aaron) Getting organizers to start running their own events and see how they run following our developed strategy
    • (Aaron) Integrating Mozilla Reps into our program for regional outreach






  • Solidify thoughts from all past discussions into formal documentation to feed into the new doc