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Team Videos

QA Promo Videos

Notes from 8/11/10 Meeting

  • Attendees: Tomcat, Henrik, Rainer, Matt, Marcia
  • Discussion Surrounding International Promo video
    • Decision made to reshoot the international QA folks during the work week September 13-16
      • We will cut some of the other existing footage to make room for the new footage to intersperse throughout the video
    • Discussion around whether we want people to speak in their native languages or English
      • Feeling was that for the Promo video we should let people speak in their native language
  • Some other suggestions - Rainer
    • Do a kind of "Fireside chat" video with team
      • Introduction of the entire team
      • This video could be linked off the team page
      • Henrik suggested doing team videos for individual team members (this can be part of the team videos for each team)
        • Should these videos be in their native language?
  • Purposes for the videos [matt]
    • One is to recruit - give info about what we do - come join us and be part of it
    • Second is the education of what we do
  • Team Videos
    • Anyone can do some sort of video - go to an application - you educate based on that

Action Items/Next Steps

  • Will have to wait until schedule gets finalized for the work week to figure out time slots for:
    • Team videos (Henrik and Marco)
    • Reshoot of Marco, Henrik, Tomcat and Martijn with soccer ball
    • Team "Fireside Chat" videos
    • Individual team members videos (focus on international contingent since we can shoot the locals any time)