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Style Inspector
Stage Development
Status In progress
Release target Firefox 10
Health OK
Status note Visible in Nightly, more refinements required.


  • Guidance in testing the new StyleInspector feature present in Firefox.


  • Creating new testcases for Litmus
  • Keep testcases up-to-date considering development cycle shifts
  • Keep up with dev team
    • Find bugs used for tracking the development process
    • Follow up with the pushlog to stay informed with the latest changes
  • Bug triage and regression searching
    • Heavy regression hunting
    • Bug verifications and bug triage
  • Conduct testday activities with Mozilla QA and the community
  • Verify the integration with the other devtools features

Platform and Configurations

  • Testing against the StyleInspector is to be performed on all platforms
    • Prioritizing
      • Windows 7, Windows XP
      • Windows 2000 spot checks when time permits
      • MAC OS X
      • LINUX


(eg. Builds, merge, etc.)

Land in Firefox 10


  • Manual testing (Florin)

Important Bugs

(eg. Bugs lists to follow)

Resolved Fixed bugs

Unconfirmed Bugs

New Bugs

Covered by Florin Strugariu