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Stage Development
Status In progress
Release target Firefox 11
Health OK
Status note Code written in an add-on and the 3D view will be extracted from there with tests added.


Guidance in testing the new Tilt feature present in Firefox.

Feature Page



  • Creating new testcases for Litmus
  • Identify tracking bugs in Bugzilla
  • Keep testcases up-to-date considering development cycle shifts
  • Organize test-day to cover new feature
  • Testing division between:
    • Manual testing(Alin):
      • Basic and full functional testing
      • Exploratory work on feature

Scope of Planned Testing

  • Keep track of logged issues in order to maintain up-to-date Litmus testcases and possible regressions
  • Discover new issues through exploratory work
  • Automate most of the Litmus test-cases

Platform and Configurations

  • All Operating Systems (Win7, WinXP, Win Vista, Ubuntu 10.04, Mac 10.6) and hardware configurations (32 and 64 bit versions)

Major Test Areas

  • Add test-cases considering the new filled bugs that are marked with special "in-litmus?" flag
  • Tests performed around Litmus test-cases
  • Exploratory work


New testcases added

The testcases created can be found here