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Summary of Changes

The list of bugs fixed in all the builds below are presently listed on Stefan's status page.



  • 1.1.1 eta 1st week Feb

Test Plan


  • Run standard smoketests
  • Verify other bugs that were fixed in this version. (See notes)
  • Test against latest iOS3.1.x and iOS4.x
Flaky Wifi - bug 618969
  • Test in mv wifi environment, where jpake fails to reliably connect:
    • Jpake pings will try 3 times before timing out, with 10 second intervals
    • Point stage-services builds to services.sync.jpake.serverURL =
    • Test connect and disconnecting
    • Test update from 1.1
    • Verify localization string changes
    • Test on bad record accounts and connecting through fallback / jpake setup

Test Results for 1.1.1b2

  • results: PASS
  • [qa-] bug 630105 Upload an updated template to verbatim for warning about file:// urls
  • [qa-]bug 630104 Put a localized-complete build of 1.1.1 on the simulator
  • VERIFIED bug 630103 Include Portuguese translation
  • [qa-] bug 625439 Don't call OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms()
  • VERIFIED bug 630263 Import all updated Strings from Verbatim for 1.1.1
  • bug 618523 is still a problem on iOS3.1.3 devices. Can we get this fixed?
  • bug 622046 Decryption failure on client record (fixed)
  • VERIFIED bug 619805 Confusing message when provding wrong username (fixed)
  • ASSIGNED bug 619779 Move 'last minute' strings to Verbatim (fixed, waiting for translators)
  • VERIFIED bug 618969 JPAKE fails on flaky networks (fixed, needs testing)
  • NEED TESTCASE bug 627176 Buffer Overflow in Firefox Home's Processing of Private Key Salt - Storage Version 3 (fixed)
  • VERIFIED bug 626828 Firefox Home's Support of file:// allows theft of user files through malicious bookmarks (fixed, needs new string translated)
  • NEED TESTCASE bug 627960 Ginormous memory leak in NSData+AES (fixed)
  • NEED TESTCASE bug 628338 Ignore records that do not decrypt correctly (fixed)
New Bugs Filed
  • bug 631387 Don't truncate long email addresses in Landscape view
  • bug 631273 Updating from 1.1 to 1.1.1b2 logs into a different account
  • bug 630430 Content titles are covered in black highlights
  • bug 631395 "Mozilla, Firefox" duplicated twice in start page trademark note