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Sign-off Criteria

Target: Firefox 33 prior to Aurora migration

  • [DONE] All tracked bugs resolved
  • [ON TRACK] All tracked bugs signed off
  • [ON TRACK] Moztrap smoketests to check for regressions

Bugs Tracked for Loop MLP

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Qa contact
971991 Loop Server needs to accept FxA bid assertion and simple push URL VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
971993 Server needs to store user ID to push URL mapping(s) VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
971994 Server needs to generate temporary session URIs to send to unregistered users VERIFIED DUPLICATE James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
971995 Server needs to extract and validate information from temporary URI VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
971997 Server needs to store room and participant tokens in database VERIFIED DUPLICATE James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
971999 Server needs to service request from client to list pending incoming calls VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
972024 [meta] Develop minimal standalone version of UI for link clickers VERIFIED FIXED u279076
972026 [meta] Server needs automated functional testing VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
972029 [meta] System needs automated monitoring and alerting VERIFIED FIXED
972884 Investigate tools for localization VERIFIED FIXED u279076
972941 Desktop client needs landing page for non WebRTC-compliant browsers on supported devices VERIFIED FIXED u279076
974317 Server needs to accept a new incoming call VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
974875 [meta] Develop minimal Firefox Desktop UI for Loop VERIFIED FIXED u279076
974895 Desktop client needs landing page for non supported devices VERIFIED FIXED u279076
976137 Investigate github / bugzilla integration VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
976979 Loop Server - Find out what best practices are to define production settings VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
977507 Loop Server — Add a way to configure the server depending the environment. VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
978455 Separate registration from call-url generation VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
980113 Need to standup merging of mozila/gecko-dev into adamroach/gecko-dev VERIFIED FIXED
980289 Server need to override previous SimplePush URL when registering a new one VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
982566 Create a wiki page describing the exposed APIs VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
982616 Loop Server — Middleware should be tested separately VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
983162 Loop Server — development.json file should be removed VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
983184 Deploy Loop server on AWS VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
984288 Decide how to store the User Identifier in a way that protects users privacy. VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
984383 Documentation should be part of VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
984946 Loop Server — Provide a GET /calls/:token endpoint VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
986057 Loop Server — Should accept cross origin requests VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
986427 GET /calls/ doesn't work - always returns '{ "error": "missing: version" }' VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
986533 Loop Server — generation of the token should ask for a caller identifier. VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
987726 Loop Server — Create a circus configuration file. VERIFIED INVALID James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
987873 Loop Server — Need to return the uuid of the calls when listing them. VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
988255 Loop Server — Should return a 204 when deleting a call url. VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
988267 Puppetize loop! VERIFIED DUPLICATE James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
988457 make loop-client shared directory authoritative VERIFIED FIXED u279076
988843 Ensure callerId is a valid email address VERIFIED WONTFIX James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
988845 Generating a call-url should allow a "duration" parameter. VERIFIED FIXED
988850 "uuid" should be named "callId" VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
988893 Revocation of the call url should be done with a DELETE on /call-url/token. VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
988902 Remove authentication for rejecting a call. VERIFIED FIXED
989127 Instructions for symlinking shared code into build not clear enough. VERIFIED FIXED u279076
994146 Loop client should reset panel when activated VERIFIED FIXED
994151 Loop desktop client should wait to have a valid generated call url to start the SimplePush registration VERIFIED FIXED u279076
994152 Loop needs a "do not disturb" control VERIFIED FIXED u279076
994483 get loop client unit tests documented & working with Tbpl VERIFIED FIXED u279076
994485 make desktop client pull and build without needing to hand-hack other repos & symlinks VERIFIED FIXED u279076
994961 Start load testing the staging environment VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
994967 Server should expose a heartbeat feature VERIFIED FIXED James Bonacci [:jbonacci]
994979 Need DOM unit tests for view loading code VERIFIED WONTFIX u279076
995355 run client-local tests on Firefox VERIFIED FIXED u279076
996526 Loop Backbone views should carry their own templates VERIFIED FIXED u279076
1001929 Loop MLP testing and dogfood client install VERIFIED FIXED
1003029 Desktop client loads additional files for OpenTok SDK from the server RESOLVED FIXED u279076
1017206 Update TB.js to 2.2.5 VERIFIED FIXED
1017394 MozSocialAPI initialization issue prevents hawk bits from working VERIFIED FIXED u279076
1017861 ensure that our library license documentation / approvals are in order VERIFIED FIXED u279076
1019924 Update license.html for Loop-related third-party licenses VERIFIED FIXED u279076

57 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (1.75%); 56 Verified (98.25%);