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  • Owner: Nils Ohlmeier
  • Target: Fx33 (desktop only)
  • This is not officially part of Loop though Loop benefits from it

Screen Sharing Bugs

Make sure these are verified fixed and have tests.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
983504 Make GUM able to pull screen into a MediaStream RESOLVED FIXED
1031424 [UX] Design Spike -- Screen sharing permissions UI for WebRTC web apps RESOLVED FIXED
1035577 Breakdown -- Screen sharing permissions UI for WebRTC web apps RESOLVED FIXED
1037405 implement the screen/window sharing doorhangers VERIFIED FIXED
1037408 implement the global getUserMedia indicator VERIFIED FIXED
1037415 remove existing webrtc indicator in the browser toolbar VERIFIED FIXED
1037418 [UX] provide new icons for screensharing UI RESOLVED FIXED
1037424 implement a whitelist of web sites allowed to use screensharing in Firefox 33 VERIFIED FIXED
1037430 implement webrtc global indicator in the Mac menubar VERIFIED FIXED
1038926 Add support for window sharing for getUserMedia RESOLVED FIXED
1039529 Add an API to know which kind of video streams a web page is using RESOLVED FIXED
1039666 Basic tests for Desktop & Window Screensharing RESOLVED FIXED
1039897 Gtk+3 builds broken by bug 983504 RESOLVED FIXED
1041369 Rescan window list on each getUserMedia window/screensharing request VERIFIED FIXED
1041658 write tests for the global webrtc sharing indicator RESOLVED FIXED
1041663 handle dragging the global webrtc sharing indicator VERIFIED FIXED
1041667 Fix positioning of the global webrtc sharing indicator if there are multiple screens RESOLVED FIXED
1041675 New getUserMedia sharing indicator on Linux/Gnome3/Fedora19- clock in top bar steals clicks from it RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1041685 show hidpi icons in the mac global webrtc sharing indicator VERIFIED FIXED
1041687 replace place holder screensharing icons with final icons VERIFIED FIXED
1042163 Visual issues with the global indicator for screen/device sharing VERIFIED FIXED
1042542 screen/window/audio sharing doorhanger pop-ups have strange behavior after minimizing Firefox RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1042628 Firefox quits unexpectedly after closing the shared window item RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1042665 Screen share changes windows after dragging the target tab RESOLVED INVALID
1042671 Screen & Audio option for entire screen in fullscreen is broken RESOLVED INVALID
1043350 screensharing causes a switch to the Windows 7 Basic appearance and a blinking mouse cursor VERIFIED FIXED
1043372 Figure out keyboard-accessible alternative for the webrtc global indicator VERIFIED FIXED
1043808 Orange cleanup for Linux window/screensharing tests RESOLVED FIXED
1045482 Error in X11 if sharing a window via getUserMedia and you close it RESOLVED FIXED
1047121 LSAN leaks when sharing windows via getUserMedia RESOLVED FIXED
1047743 Screen sharing with multiple screens is broken (Mac only) RESOLVED FIXED
1047842 During window/screenshare: Received "nonqueued" message 14 during a synchronous IPC message RESOLVED FIXED
1048017 Pref on screensharing by default now that whitelisting has landed and tests are running VERIFIED FIXED
1048230 Global indicator inaccessible when taskbar is on top of the screen VERIFIED FIXED
1049087 pre-populate the whitelist for screensharing in Fx33 RESOLVED FIXED
1049583 Screensharing allowed_domains needs limited wildcard matching. RESOLVED FIXED
1049810 sharing indicators on the URL bar stay on after each mochitests has finished its execution RESOLVED FIXED
1050802 screenshare ui for "Stop sharing" stops both screen and camera VERIFIED FIXED
1050914 Screen sharing tests leave sharing indicator on RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1051855 window sharing indicator on the URL bar stays on after stream.stop has been called VERIFIED FIXED
1052779 Clicking on Mac share icons does not get Firefox into focus VERIFIED FIXED
1053264 Mouse cursor flickers after activating screensharing on Windows VERIFIED FIXED
1056179 WebRTC global indicator fails to open the sharing doorhanger if there's another notification before it VERIFIED FIXED
1056213 Window title in "windows or screen to share" list is not updated when navigating to another page VERIFIED FIXED
1058650 updateBrowserSpecificIndicator should not be called for closed tabs RESOLVED FIXED
1060738 WebRTC window (and probably screen) sharing uses Windows HWNDs/etc on non-ui/message-loop threads RESOLVED FIXED
1060796 Limit screen capture FPS VERIFIED FIXED
1063730 Screensharing (windows, apps) should only be allowed on https: origin sites RESOLVED FIXED

48 Total; 0 Open (0%); 27 Resolved (56.25%); 21 Verified (43.75%);