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This wiki details the testing that will be performed by QA and other teams for e10s-multi. It defines the overall testing requirements and provides an integrated view of the project test activities. Its purpose is to document:

  • Areas of risk
  • What will be tested
  • How testing will be performed
    • criteria
    • deliverables
    • ownership
    • schedule
  • What data will be monitored

To help ensure the best possible release and long term maintenance of this feature.

Risk Analysis

Risk area Requirement Status
Performance No browser responsiveness regressions PASS
Memory Usage No regressions in comparable system memory usage PASS
Stability No regressions in crash rate PASS
Major site compatibility No regressions at target websites PASS

Testing Strategy


Test Areas Covered
Private Window Yes
Multi-Process Enabled Yes
Single-Content Process Enabled Yes (baseline)
non-e10s Yes (baseline)
Stability Yes
Interraction (scroll, zoom) Yes
Multi-Tab/Window Yes
Web Compatibility
Testing against target sites Yes
Data Monitoring
Temporary or permanent telemetry monitoring Yes

If it's not listed above, it is currently out of scope.


Criteria Description Metric Single-Content Process Multi-Content Process Criteria Met? QA Owner
Manual testing Tests passed Passed in e10s release results (1) Pass (20170405) SV - Andrei
Unit testing Automated tests pass perfherder perfherder YES (20170509) Gabor
UI Tab/Window responsiveness Jank Analysis Jank Analysis YES (20170602) tracy
Memory monitoring System memory use Memory Use Analysis Memory Use Analysis YES (20170602) tracy
Stability Crash rate stable Stability Analysis Stability Analysis YES (20170516) jimm

(1) Manual test results indicate known bugs. Those are not e10s-multi specific.

Manual Testcases

  • Focus on observed performance of target sites notorious for performance issues; Broadly, these tend to be webmail services ( GMail ), social networks ( Facebook, Twitter ) or productivity tools ( Google Apps, Office 365 )
  • Test around multiple content process creation and assignment
    • Check for reasonable load balance across processes when opening many tabs from various sources.


Full Testing will be performed using Nightly for Desktop builds on:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Channel dependent settings (configs) and environment setups

  • In Nightly dom.ipc.processCount should be 4 by default

Project Information


Project Manager: Erin Lancaster
Developer contacts: Blake Kaplan, Gabor Krizsanits
QA: Tracy Walker
QA Peer: Andrei Vaida (SV)


This section should contain links for builds with the feature


The following table identifies the anticipated testing period available for test execution.

Project phase Start Date End Date
Start project Q3/2016 Q3/2017
QA - Test plan creation Q1/2017 Q1/2017
QA - Test cases/Env preparation Q1/2017 Q2/2017
QA - Nightly Testing Q1/2017 Q2/2017
QA - Aurora Testing Q2/2017 Q2/2017
QA - Beta Testing (1) Q2/2017 Q3/2017
Release Date (1) FF54 2017-06-13

(1) Note: beta testing targeted for 54, if everything looks great, e10s-multi could go to release with FF54 on 2017-06-13. Otherwise target is 55.