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QA SoftVision Team

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SoftVision Team

Desktop Team

Firefox desktop
Join #firefox on irc.mozilla.org
Join #fqa on irc.mozilla.org

Fennec Team

Mobile Workflow
Join #mobile on irc.mozilla.org (use SSL)

Automation Team

Desktop Firefox Automation
Join #mozmill on irc.mozilla.org (use SSL)
WebQA Automation
Join #mozwebqa on irc.mozilla.org (use SSL)


Desktop Firefox Team

Florin Mezei - Desktop, Team Lead
irc: FlorinMezei
Petruta Rasa - Desktop
irc: petruta
Andrei Vaida - Desktop
irc: AndreiVaida
Bogdan Maris - Desktop
irc: bogdan_maris
Cornel Ionce - Desktop
irc: cornel_ionce
[[|thumb|left|300px| Camelia Badau - Desktop
[[‎‎|thumb|left|300px| Catalin Varga - Desktop
irc: varcat
[[‎‎|thumb|left|300px| Vasilica Mihasca - Desktop
Mihaela Velimiroviciu - Desktop Automation Test Developer
irc: mihaelav

Mobile Firefox Team

Ioana Chiorean - Fennec
Team Lead
irc: IoanaChiorean
Mihai Pop - Fennec

irc: MihaiP
Teodora Vermesan - Fennec

irc: TeoVermesan
Catalin Suciu - Fennec

irc: csuciu
Flaviu Cos - Fennec

irc: flaviu

Web QA Team

Victor Carciu - Web QA manual
irc: victorC
Madalin Cotetiu - Web QA manual
irc: madalinc
Valentina Peleskei
- Web QA manual
irc: ValentinaP

Softvision Project Management

Mihai Constandis - QA Manager
irc: MihaiConstandis
Otilia Anica - Project Manager
irc: Otilia