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Quick Overview

  • Name of the game: QRticullis
  • Hosted location
  • Team name: Viral Ecology (Julia Ma, Daniel Schultz, Boris Kizelshteyn)


Online games bring together people that are geographically separated into a virtual world where they can interact. Board games physically bring people together to play. Our game, QRticullis, does both.
The game is a spin of the fort explorer genre, where each digital fort has a portal into the physical world. Players can only unlock and play a specific fort by finding its portal. The surrounding environment in the real world can also affect the fort (ex. weather,holidays, festivals).


All forts are tied to a physical location through a QR code. By scanning the code, the player has access to that fort. On completion of the fort, the statistics of both the player and the fort are updated and publicly shown.


Since players build their own forts, each fort is unique and can be populated with various objects that either help or hinder other players. Completing the fort may require solving a maze or other puzzles, answering riddles, or finding answers to questions in the real world (ex. what colors are the staircases in the new Media Lab building?). The goal of the game is to find and complete as many forts as possible.

Authors' notes

We wanted to create a game that had interaction in both the real and digital world. This game ties pieces of the virtual world to a physical space and promotes interaction between players in both realms.

Some screenshots of the game:

alt text
First step of the game: scanning the code
alt text
Example of a Fort