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RMLL 2012 (13e Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre)


The event will start on 2012/07/07 07:00:00 AM till 2012/07/12 08:00:00 PM.


Geneva, Switzerland, EMEA


This event is owned by teoli2003


It is estimated that 500-1000 people will be at the event.


It is a FOSDEM-like event, but somewhat smaller and less technical.

It is the 13th edition, the first time out of France, in Geneva (Switzerland).

One of the sponsor this year is the ITU.

Audience is mainly French-speaking, though some talks are in English.

(Web site in English: http://2012.rmll.info/en — less info than on the French Web site)

Bugs Associated

Budget ticket : [1]
Swag ticket : 754776


Event Website : http://2012.rmll.info/

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  • Booth in the "Village associatif"
  • 2 Mozilla-related conferences (by me, one about BrowserID/Persona, the other about the MDN)

Booth personnel

  • Numerous people of the French community have announced their potential help