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This is a placeholder on how we want to collect metrics from Raindrop for use in product design. Please read the Privacy Policy for more details.


We want to use this project ourselves, we like our privacy, and similarly, we respect your privacy. No distinguishing data will be collected about you, just aggregated numbers. You have complete control over the data collected and can turn off collection at anytime. Leaving metrics turned on means you get to help make Raindrop awesome without having to do any work!

Current Use

Right now the latest code just logs a metric in the raindrop-metrics database. If you installed couchdb in the default configuration, you can look at what is stored in that metrics db by going to:

Right now those metrics are not sent to a central server, but that is planned for the future.

Metrics are currently only enabled for the inflow app, and the metrics code is done as a front end extension, rdw.ext.metrics, so you can also disable the metrics code completely by disabling the extension. Also, first time you load up Raindrop, there is some UI that lets you turn it off via a checkbox.

The UI will go away on the next page reload once you click the checkbox or the close button in the metrics UI. To see the UI again, you need to delete the preferences document for the metrics extension.
  • Click the "Show private properties" checkbox. Find the doc with the rd_key = ["pref","rdw.ext.metrics:inflow"]
  • Click on the _id value it will take you to the futon app

You can delete the metrics document from the database and you'll be asked again about participating in the metrics.

Current Data Collection

This is the current set of information that raindrop holds in the metrics database.

  • Number of Folders
  • Number of Messages Per Folder

Possible Future Data

These are possible future metrics that raindop could gather. None of these are currently being gathered and users will be prompted at each new addition of information collection.

  • Keyboard shortcuts used, i.e. ctrl+n : 4, shift+alt+1 : 1
  • Widgets clicked, i.e. mailing list widget : 2 clicks