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Want to play with Raindrop code and make it better? Here are some resources that will help you get started along with specific notes about where we need the most help:

  • Data Miner Extensions
  • Software Architecture
  • Security
    • use the user's credentials securely
    • secure access to CouchDB and its documents
    • secure use and distribution of extensions
  • Back End
    • server-side JavaScript environment (CommonJS?)
    • make GetSatisfaction integration more generic to web forums
    • additional sources of contacts, messages, and conversations
    • flesh out platform APIs, data miners, and widgetry for interesting high-level constructs (todos, events, contacts, restaurants, ...)
    • make it easier to extend backend extensions (eg specialize mailing lists)
    • The CouchDB megaview
      • Are we using CouchDB in the right way? Is the megaview the right way to go? What is the impact on WebApis and the front end?
  • Front End
    • a usage data contribution extension that leverages the work Test Pilot has done
    • Flesh out extension model and APIs
    • make correctly for building apps and component widgets?
    • a mobile UI
  • WebApis
    • simpler APIs for easier consumption/prototyping and mobile support.

Working with the code

Get the Code

See the Install page for information on how to get the code and install it.

Contributing Code

If the change is very small, then creating a patch file is sufficient, and let us know where to pick it up on the Raindrop discussion list.

Be sure to match the Code Style.

If it is a larger change, be sure to sign a Mozilla Contributor Agreement and do the following:

  • Create a clone of the repo, and do the changes.
  • Push the code to a publicly-visible area, like BitBucket.
  • Tell us the location of the clone so we can do pulls and iterate on changes.

Talking about the code

To talk about the code or ask questions, see the Community page.