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Maple started around Oct 26, 2009 and finished on Nov 12, 2009. We did not create an explicit tag for Maple since the code is very much still in flux and not usable for much at the moment.

The following improvements were made during Maple:

Inflow Design #3

With Design #3, it was decided to strip down the interface and build up piece by piece, as the designers work out each piece. For Maple this means just the basic layout of conversations/messages was established: group/direct conversations taking two column widths and one column width of broadcast message widgets. This basic layout was implemented in the code.

The basic conversation layout is the only thing that functions right now. There is no navigation to mailing lists, folders, contacts and no more Quick Compose. The Reply functionality is also broken. Each of those things will be built up over the next few milestones as each piece is designed.

Mobile Design

Andy posted an article about a possible mobile design.

Conversation Types

The combinations of message types has been documented on the Conversation Types page. This will guide the layout of conversation widgets in the code.


The server-side web API for the inflow app was started. It is implemented in Python and called via a couch external. It contains the API for fetching conversations by conversation type. Other APIs around contacts and identities are not implemented yet. The JavaScript code was updated to use the new server API for conversations. The API is being documented on the Web APIs page.

Metrics Collection

The inflow app now has an extension that tells the user metrics are being collected. The user has the option to opt out, and even after dismissing the metrics UI blurb, there is a metrics link at the bottom of the page that allows the user to get more information about the metrics at any time. The Metrics Info page has more details on the metrics. Right now only one metric related to the number of broadcast domains is stored in the local couchdb, but that information is not sent to a central server.