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Milestone end date March 11th 2010

Host Bootstrap for Dogfooding

  • Blocking
    • Basic Auth protected access Gozer
    • Protection of backend credentials saved to a file at minimum Mark/James/Gozer
      • Discussed API Mark/James/Gozer
      • Mark in progress of converting backend to not read accounts Mark
        • Expected front end fallout James
    • Examine Account Info Page to ensure it is still correct Andy and James
    • SSL Gozer
    • Restore attachments in the inflow James
  • Necessary
    • OpenID for front door auth Gozer
    • OpenID driven access-control Gozer
    • OpenID-based auth UI Andy and James
    • Breaking out APIs Mark and Gozer
    • Optimization build for browser code James
  • Wanted
    • Compose capability Andy designs/James for behavior
      • GMail
        • Create a compose button in UI
        • Open a new GMail Compose window
      • Twitter
        • Create our own compose entry in UI
    • Reply capability Andy designs/James for behavior
      • GMail
        • Simple inline reply text boxes working again
        • Possibly hand off other reply / forward functions
      • Twitter
        • Simple inline reply text boxes working
        • Retweets?
        • Faves?
    • Baseline benchmarks Gozer

Hosted Raindrops For Guinea Pigs

This section is only notes for reference about the next milestone but does not indicate the actual milestone requirements
  • Blocking
    • OAuth for Mail Accounts Mark/James