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Target release 2010/1/15


  • Iterations on Conversation Listing Widgets
    • Direct Conversation (Hibernating Reply Widget)
    • Group Conversation (No Hibernating Reply Widget)
    • Conversation with Link (YouTube, Flickr) attachments
    • Conversation with Image attachments (Attachment area w/ preview) (file-handling done, waiting on data cleanup and UI)
    • Conversation with other attachments (not started) (file-handling done, waiting on data cleanup and UI)
  • Iterate on mark-as-personal/bulk interactions {in progress}
    • Where does the "Is bulk?" question go?
  • New Relationship / Contact Interactions {andy}
  • Group Widgets Slide Out when removed by viewing their category
  • Search / Find area {clarkbw} (no progress; pushed out)
  • Redefined Keyboard Navigation {clarkbw} (some possible cleanup this week; pushed out)
  • Summary Group Widget Animate Size as it changes from one summary to another (no progress; pushed out)


  • Convert JS code style to be defined by JSLint.
  • Mark-as personal/bulk front end work.
  • Implement any designs that approved in Yew. (in progress)
  • Remove existing keyboard nav (to do this week)


  • Mark-as personal/bulk backend
  • Statistics collection (no progress; pushed out)
  • Ongoing untwisting work (in progress)