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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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We want Reps to be able to take a Coaching training, so they can coach other Reps and help them with personal development. For this we have created a self-serve training every Rep can take. This page describes the process of the training. General information on being a Coach can be found on the Coaching wiki page.

Self-serve training

The training can be taken by any Rep. There are no prerequisites. The self-serve training consists of three lessons right now. These are:

  • Listening to others
  • How to give feedback
  • GROW model

This gives Coaches the necessary basis to coach other Reps and will be improved and extended in the future.

The training material can be found on Teachable.

Process of training

Going through the training

Every Rep can go through the sections of the training material on their own pace and time but to apply is required to be part of the program at least since an year. There is no need for scheduling any sessions with somebody else at this step. Please follow the instructions in the training material.

Write a narrative

To do a review whether the Rep has understood the training material, there are two exercises to be done by the Rep. The first one is writing/recording a narrative which involves the learned knowledge.

The narrative shall be about your past/current experience on coaching, whether about your coach or you as a coach. Relate your learned knowledge to your experience by sharing instances/strategies that you have encountered, for example how you or your coach approached using the GROW model, how they listened to you, etc.

The narrative can either be done after every section of the training, or a more broad one at the end of the the full training material. This is up to the trainee, whatever works better for them is the way to go. It can be posted as a topic to this Discourse category: (max. 350 words) or by posting there the link to your video recording (max. 2 minutes).

Coaching Practice Week

The second task to be done before becoming a Coach officially is attending the Coaching Practice Week. To organize a Coaching Practice Week is required to find a Reps Mentor that want to help the new mentor (is not mandatory that the mentor of the applicant is this mentor). The Coaching Practice Week is a series of online meetings to practice the learned material together. There will be reality-relevant training exercises everyone can be participate in once they have completed the narrative mentioned above.

The Coaching Practice Week is organized and lead by a Coach who has done the same previously and can guide the sessions.

Please check Practice Week for more details.


Once the Practice Week is over, the leader of the week sends his recommendations to the Reps Council. This recommendation includes all names as well as a recommendation based on the involved of the Rep in the practice week.


Once the recommendation is given, the Reps Council does a final evaluation and has the final say. Based on the recommendation a decision will be made. If necessary, the Reps Council can schedule a quick call with the coach-to-be to ask open questions.

Change on the Community Portal

Once all the above steps have been completed and the Rep has been approved as Coach, they will be added to the “Reps Mentor” group on the Community Portal.

Tracking the current status of a coach-to-be

To make sure we do not miss any steps when somebody is in the process of becoming a Coach, there is a Google Spreadsheet in the Reps Council folder to track all the necessary steps for every new Coach. This includes:

  • Feedback given on Narratives - yes/no
  • All training done - yes/no
  • Coaching Practise done - yes/no
  • Recommendation - yes/no

Improvements to the training

As the training is in its first iteration, please reach out to the Reps Council if you have any idea on how to improve the training. Alternatively, post a new thread in the Reps Discourse category to discuss it with all Reps!


Currently there are no scheduled experiments to be run. This section will be updated once possible experiments have been identified according to feedback received.