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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Remember to replace the placeholder with real content. A tip to avoid issues and confusion with dates is use the standard format eg: 2018/3/11 and not 11/3/2018.

Assign new Mentors

Assign new mentor request


On behalf of the Reps Council, I am reaching out to you as <Reps mentors name>
(<Reps Mentors link>), a Reps Mentor, wishes to become your mentor.

If you have any objections to this selection, please reply to this message before <date>.

If there are no issues, we will assign you to him on the Reps Portal.

<your name>

Reach Mentors with less of 4 mentees

I am reaching out to you today because you are a Reps Mentor with less than 4 mentees.
As you probably know, the Reps Council is working on improving the relationship between Mentors/Mentee. For that reason we are looking to assign to every Rep a mentor.
We have a list of Reps without a mentor that you can find on
It is not mandatory to have a fixed amount of mentee to every mentor of course, but we are reaching out to you in case you’re interested to have more mentees.
In order to do that, you need to write your name in this docs on Mentor Name column and I, as part of the Reps Council, will reach out to the Rep asking if this assignment is fine for them.

We know that there are Reps in this list that are inactive, so assigning a new Mentor is an opportunity to reactive them and to understand any issues they might face.

Thank you in advance
<your name>

Reach inactive Reps Mentors

Understand if they are interested to cover that role

I am reaching out to you today because you are an inactive Reps mentor.
Firstly thank you for all your contributions to the Reps program, we really appreciate it.
We would like to know if you’re still interested on the Reps mentor role or if we should move you to alumni and reassign your mentees.

Thank you in advance
<your name>

= Start a new Practise week +

Hi from the Reps Council,

we saw that you finished the course and we find another Rep that need to do the first Practise week!

What are the next steps?

    Find a time when both of you can do this call
    Create an etherpad where both of you will write your notes
    For every call (there will be 2 calls in 2 weeks) one of you will be the lead
    The lead will act as mentor and the other one as mentee
    After every call the lead will write a recap and publish on
    For every call there will be 2 training cases to discuss
    The call time is 30 minutes because every case require 15 minutes but you are free to use more time. This timing is just as reference for you
    Me as reference for the Reps Council will receive updates about the call finished and the recap published
    When the 2 weeks will finish the councill will evaluate your request and will let you know if approved