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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This SOP is still a draft. Help us by proofreading it and expanding it!


In this kind of event a group of Mozillians headed by a Mozilla Rep (or more) tour around a region hosting events in a short period of time. It involves a lot of traveling and planing. Traveling around in a short period of time can attract publicity and increase popularity of the event. Plan well in advance and coordinate with as many people on the ground as possible.

Examples to illustrate

Optimal size

Depending of the community size (from 5 to 40 people). I guess this should be small size project (a maximum of 4-5 person to make the tour).

Time needed to plan

4 - 8 weeks

Budget required

  • Costs for travel and transportation in cities
  • Food
  • Accomodation
  • Possible venue costs for meetings

Staff involvement

  • If the people touring are in a city where there is an official Mozilla office, there should be a staff involvement from this office so the people get a visit/meal/drink there.
  • ReMos
  • Community leaders (if they exist)

Objectives/desirable outcomes

  • Lessons learned from each project developed by communities.
  • Get to know each other.
  • Getting directions from more experienced Mozillians, the ReMo Council, community leaders and project leaders from Mozilla.
  • Sharing stats of the community (number of contributors, coverage of projects, positives/negatives for each) and the status of Mozilla projects (market share for Fx, new projects, explain changes - like rapid release).
  • Education on special topics and areas of workings - PR, project leading skills, presentation skills, etc.
  • Bonding with other Mozillians and communities.
  • Participate in other communities' events.
  • Inspire other Mozillians.
  • Spread ideas and comparisons between projects involved in the tour.

Steps to produce


  1. Check out possible visa problems, check passports, be straight with personal documents
  2. Get in contact with community leaders and representatives.
  3. Organize/check your transportation. Is it paid by communities? Do you have to plan it yourself? If you do, file a budget request, book a flight/ride.
  4. Make sure you let project leaders know what your specialities are and what you are comfortable speaking about.
  5. Plan all your visits and leave enough time between them for emergency cases, delays, etc.

Budget request

Special form: Budget Request

Swag Request

Special form: Swag Request

Page creation

  1. Jump on the wiki ReMo Event Form
  2. Fill out the name of the event page you want to create and click "Add or Edit"
  3. Fill out all information to the best of your knowledge :)
  4. Press "Save page"
  5. You are done! Semantic MediaWiki takes care of the rest! Now go check out Events page. It will have your event listed alongside the other awesome ReMo events!

Agenda & speakers

  • Reports of members
  • Advices and knowledge sharing from more experienced people
  • Lessons learned
  • Calendar prosposal
  • Goals and vision of the community

Spreading the word


  • Social media SOP
    • Tweet for the event!
    • Define a unique hashtag to facilitate gathering of all the tweets and officialy post it before the event
      • Keep it short and simple
      • Avoid possible typos as much as possible
    • Launch a streamlined call to gathering (one tweet to RT) before the event with all the info needed
    • Use Facebook as a place to share content created during the event
    • Create an event so that people get a reminder each time they go to their Facebook profile
    • Share the photos and video content under a license that enables the reuse of it for several blogs so that anyone could use the media content in its own blog post.
    • Streaming the Public Event (Air Mozilla)
      • Get in contact with mrz <TBD> for the possibilities of streaming while planning the event (one month before I'd say)
      • See the possibilities of recording and then playing the content a while after the event (pre-recorded content)


During the event

If it's possible: live streaming and video conference

Wrap-up & reimbursements

Try to get local sponsorship (offers from the hotels and restaurants and as well to have conference rooms free)

Report back

  • Log each apperance of the event in media (wiki post, blog post, FB posts, tweets, etc.)
  • Blog about the event
  • Meeting notes for all the agenda entries
  • The organizer will fill this as entry in his or her ReMo report Report SOP



Make sure to update the wiki page of the event with photos, posts, and links. Write an email to reps-general with links to photos if possible. (Everyone loves photos!)


Write a post on your blog (even a short one) and make sure it appears on ReMo planet.


Local Media

Make sure to update all the communication channels you used during promotion with the outcomes of the event.

Regional Communities

Best way to follow up with them is to cc them in your report to reps-general. They also love pictures!

Q & A

  • Add your Questions here so we can answer them! Remember, this is a wiki, so edit away!


Sample Agenda

  • TBD

Example Events

  • TBD

Budget samples

  • TBD