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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

The most effective way to get people involved and introduce them to Mozilla products is really face-to-face and as a passionate Mozilla community member you're really the best person to do this! Sharing your story on how and why you make time to volunteer for Mozilla, or what got you started, is the best topic of all. Further, there is nothing better than showing the diversity and distributed nature of our community than having the people in the Mozilla community speak for themselves.

Please do help us take advantage of all the opportunities to speak about Mozilla at industry conferences, technology user groups and community-focused venues, such as schools and senior centers, all over the world.

How To Get Started

There is really no requirement for being a speaker other than being passionate about Mozilla. Speaking experience is a plus, but knowledge, involvement and enthusiam for Mozilla go a long way.

Possible Speaking Topics

The Mozilla project is extremely broad and full of many facets, but here are a few suggestions for topics and activities:

  • Tutorials on using Mozilla software
  • The many ways people can get involved in the Mozilla project
  • Technical tutorials on Mozilla technologies
  • The Mozilla Manifesto and what it means
  • Localization, how to get involved, why it matters
  • Tell your own story about how you were inspired to get involved with Mozilla

The Mozilla Digital Memory Bank, is a digital archive of Mozilla history.

Honing Your Speaking Skills

If you are preparing for your first speaking event, you might want to check out this ReMo/SIGs/Evangelism Reps which provides some advice on how to build your confidence and give a stellar presentation.